Zimbra or Socious communities

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Does anyone know of any public communities on Zimbra or Socious?

(Richard Millington) #2

tagging in @KatieBapple.

What’s the context here?

(Sarah Hawk) #3

I’m building The Knowledge (our wiki for all things community) and I need examples of different platforms. I’m struggling with those two.

(Mike Chandler) #4

HAWK - visit https://www.crmug.com/ for examples on PublicCommunities and Discussions

(Sarah Hawk) #5

Thanks Mark. Specifically Socious or Zimbra? I can’t find anything obvious on that site.

(Priscilla McClay) #6

The Macmillan Cancer community uses Zimbra - @Michael is the community manager there.

(Michael Howard) #7

Cheers @Priscilla
Zimbra is now back to being called Telligent - so there will be a few changes to the platform in future.
The latest version is 9.0 and we’ll be upgrading to it sometime next year.

We’ve recently upgraded to version 8 - which is a fully responsive site (at last we have a single version of the site which works on mobile, tablet and desktop).

Here is the link to our community - Macmillan Cancer Support - and we also host the Telligent Community user group.

Give me a shout if you need more.

(Priscilla McClay) #8

It is? That didn’t last long!

Loving the new responsive site, by the way - it’s great to see all that hard work finally live.

(Sarah Hawk) #9

Perfect, that solves that one thanks.

Socious anyone?

(Joshua Paul) #10

Hi @HAWK and friends! You can point to the International DB2 Users Group for an example of the Socious platform being used for public communities. Let me know if you need more information. I’m happy to help!

(Richard Millington) #11

Thanks @jpaul!

Any others? Might be good to see 2 to 3 here?

(Katie Bapple) #12

Thanks for tagging me in @richard_millington!

We just polished off the IBM Middleware User Community as another example - we are still in our soft launch stage and adding more content externally/publicly, but you can currently see blogs, user groups (sub-communities) and events outside of a login.

Let me know if there are any questions around this or additional information is needed!

(Sarah Hawk) #13

Thanks @KatieBapple, I think I have what I need now.
Out of interest though, does Socious have much automation functionality (around email campaigns specifically)?

(Bas van Leeuwen) #14

I think @stevebridger has some experience with a (old) Zimbra platform

(Steve Bridger) #15

Indeed… beta site built on Telligent Community 8.5 is [here] (http://www.cipd.co.uk/community/discussion-forum). Much of it is behind a member-only gateway.

(Richard Millington) #16

Telligent split from Zimbra already? Or did they just change the name?

I don’t see a good future for that platform at the moment.

(Steve Bridger) #17

Acquired by Verint, yes.

I think Ron Howard recognised that changing the name to Zimbra had been a mistake.

They’re secure in the medium term, with an apparent (re)emphasis on open source. They want to release a free version of the software (no support though) and have completely re-thought the Control Panel in v 9.0 (so it looks a bit like WordPress).

Long term… you may be right @richard_millington.

(Joshua Paul) #18

Thanks for asking @HAWK! Over 700,000 emails are sent using the Socious platform each month from email campaigns to community members, automated newsletters, and listserv/forum discussions.

Today, many of our customers also handle automated campaigns through integrations with their marketing platform, membership software, or CRM system. We are in the process of adding additional business logic options to help community members get more relevant information and enhancing our triggered email functionality.

(Sarah Hawk) #19

Thanks Joshua.

Can you give any examples of the type of email campaigns that people use? For instance, do you have an out-of-the-box on-boarding campaign? And are CMs able to pull relevant stats to demonstrate the efficacy of those campaigns?

(Rachel Medanic) #22


I did a scan of Zimbra, Socious and Telligent on a little tool I use for this sort of thing, called BuiltWith. I got nothing back in results except for Telligent: https://builtwith.com/Telligent

That link should get you there. Then click “websites using Telligent.”

You can search any vendors’ name in upper right hand corner. Typically, they have a free set of listings and then you can pay more (expensive tool) to get full listings.