YouTube comments' auto ignore function and other content hiding strategies

(Gear Buzz) #1

Has anyone had any luck with hiding member’s content from each other when they have been fighting?

IE - Don’t let USER X see my posts

One of my moderator suggests

“Google implemented in Youtube an excellent self moderating thing that (our site) should too. It is the same as ignore list, except not only you don’t see the person that is on your ignore list, but he can’t see your post neither. Think about big time offenders here. This will perfectly moderate their behaviour! One thing is when you get infraction. It kinda makes you mad. But another thing is when you realize there are 10 people who are ignoring you and you can’t read their posts anymore. This is what motivates you to behave! IMO, this is what (our site) should have too. And extension to the ignore feature, so instead of someone’s post, you a read message saying: “This post is hidden because user added you to his/her ignore list”. And after a while those offenders will start to behave properly. I am 99.9% sure. Which in turn will take a LOT of load from the moderation.”

Any thoughts?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Isn’t this somewhat similar to Tachy Goes to Coventry (but without the two way street)? And aren’t you on vB?

TBH I think this approach sounds a bit inflammatory – I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable putting someone on my blocked list if they were going to be notified.

(Gear Buzz) #3

Yes if view suspended members went into an alligator death roll each time they were blocked it could become a pain.

(Richard Millington) #4

I’m actually curious what platforms do allow moderators or other members to ‘mute’ a member?


Any ideas?

(Sarah Hawk) #5

Discourse has limited functionality – you can mute notifications from specific users.

(Cesar Castro) #6

Community Cloud can suspend (‘freeze’) members from posting further:

(Sarah Hawk) #7

I think that’s a slightly different situation – that would equate to suspending a member here. The mute/TGTC type features mean that the member in question doesn’t realise anything has changed – they go about their normal behaviour, only others (some or all) can’t see them.

(Claudius Henrichs) #8

It’s a feature that a dedicated core group of Lithium customers have been asking for for a while as well. (For Lithium community members here’s the idea discussion: Interestingly most reference older BB forum software as examples. And I wonder if such solution used to work better in “the old days” when forum/community dynamics were a bit different and there were less alternatives around. Nowadays I think it’s too easy to either circumvent such solution by creating additional accounts or just move away. I doubt it will help to make offenders behave :wink: