Your Input Needed - What Would You Like This Community To Become?


(Mark Baldwin) #21

Sounds like a plan. Maybe you should rebrand the community as a “think tank” :slight_smile:

(Darren Gough) #22

I get what you’re trying to do - I think it would be useful to understand more about what “good” looks like, so to speak. i.e. the “filtering out posts that don’t meet a good standard”. Whose standard is that?

If I arrive having read a blog post and want to ask a question, would I worry my question wasn’t high level enough and leave?

I’m playing devil’s advocate here, and in fairness it is called “experts” but understanding a bit more about the type of problems we want to solve might be a good next step?

(Chris Detzel) #23

I like two of them.

I like this one because I can get a good idea on what others are doing from a community standpoint. This helps with understanding engagement strategy, look and feel of the community and lots of other “website / professional” types of things that happen within a community.

This is probably the one I like the most. Today, I work at a company that has 27k employees and have done things a certain way for 60+ years, which doesn’t include digital. Getting support and getting internal people from top down to understand digital / community, is not easy. This is a number one thing that should happen. Without the support, you will have a hard time getting buy-in. Having more education and tools around this area would be extremely helpful.

(Fernando Schneider) #24

Wonderful reply and development of ideas :slight_smile: Very well written also!

(Nick Emmett) #25

I’m late to the ball on this so i’ll be brief-(ish)!

Why do I come here? I trust the people that also come here and that run it. It’s a great place to bounce ideas, network with other Community Professionals and as @thirstforwine said - sometimes find out things that you didn’t realise you didn’t know. As one of my own community members put it in a recent spotlight - “finding questions I didn’t know I had”

Where next? I like the idea of most of your suggestions @richard_millington - I think elements of them all could useful in some format (not all lend themselves immediately to a discussion/forum type approach. But there’s certainly lots to gain from them all.

I wouldn’t say this. I’m not sure anyone here would say they don’t want more engagement, sometimes possibly quite the opposite. As @Mjbill said, at times there are just no conversations that I feel I can add value to or get value from.

I also agree with @Darren_Gough about facebook groups - I don’t really participate much in them, or get much value from them as I feel it needs more time investment due to the nature of how quickly they often move. I suspect people post the same question in multiple places not because this community doesn’t have enough distinct value but because they are simply spreading their bets, pooling as wide a pool of potential knowledge as possible. Obviously there are different people in all groups as well as the mutual members.

I’m not sure I’ve really added much in my thoughts of where to go except to say that I quite like how things are here - sure I’m absent quite a bit at the minute for one reason or another, but when I come back it’s great to just pick up where I left off and jump right back in, the people, places etc. I do agree though with whoever mentioned the lack of a dedicated CM here as being fairly clearly felt - it was noticeable when @Hawk left and your priorities were elsewhere (for obvious reasons - not a criticism!)

I also wonder how niche is too niche.
By nature of our job roles we all work in a fairly niche space, pushing it too far could potentially be detrimental.

(Fernando Schneider) #26

Yes! Especially because I feel so new in the subject, most times I’m hoping for an expert to jump in and develop to discussion.

This happens so often and it just feels great. Find a topic with a relatable subject and read inputs that bring you questions you didn’t know you had.

So as @Nick_Emmett said, I’m also not sure I can add much in terms of where to go or what to become, but I enjoy how things are.