Would Anyone Like To Lead FeverBee Experts?

Hey folks,

As some of you have noticed, I haven’t been very active here over the past year.

I’m working on a 3rd book, I’ve got several clients and course participants to support, and have been travelling a bunch (until recently) for various speaking events etc…

Amazingly, however, there still is a reasonable level of participation, new people joining every day, and some good discussions taking place. So I’m reluctant to close the site down.

Instead, I’m looking to see if any member(s) wants to step up and volunteer to lead this community.

I know I’ve turned down a few volunteers in the past, but if any of you folks are still interested let me know. If you want to do it with a buddy or two, that works great too.


Hey Richard. First off I want to thank you for everything you have done for the Feverbee community and community managers/management at-large.

I am wondering what all would be entailed in taking on the lead in this community? What general tasks, etc?


Well I’d throw that question open to you :slight_smile:

What would you like to do? What ideas do you have? I’m open to throwing my support behind someone with some interesting ideas.

At the minimum, I think it’s critical people aren’t waiting around for answers, people get relatively quick responses to questions, and the community is kept clean of spam. Beyond that I’m very interested in someone with interesting ideas and feels they could make something special with the resources we have here.

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Hey Richard,

Good to hear from you and please don’t close this down!

I have been managing in-person communities for sometime now. I have built communities in India and currently building one in Denver , CO ( USA). The one’s I have built are primarily support communities that enable entrepreneurship and foster collaboration and learning through shared experiences.

I’m not sure If I’m the right fit but would love to help anyway I can.


Hi Richard,
Good to see you here. Please don’t close this down. I would like to volunteer to help and my first step is becoming more active in this community :blush: let me know if there’s any specific thing I can help right now until we get new ideas on how to push this community further.


Hey @veratiago, @ani871, and @jerdog - if you’re interested let me know your email addresses and I can try and setup a call for us to talk it through. Very keen to get your ideas, share mine, and see if there might be a great opportunity here!


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Thanks for FB members for stepping up :slight_smile:


Definitely don’t want the Experts community to close down as I’ve learned a ton from my interactions with the members and from the blogs. Really nice to see people stepping up and more than happy to help keep this community running.

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Sorry mate… I’ve been slammed with work. As much as I would like to, I just can’t add this to my plate.