Why I can't edit my name here?

(Alessio Fattorini) #1

As far as I know this field is editable in Discourse, why I can’t edit it? Some integrations?
I’d like to change it into my full name

(Richard Millington) #2

Good question. I actually don’t know.

I could manually do it for you now.

But, if you wouldn’t mind waiting, I’d rather figure out the solution if that’s ok?

(Alessio Fattorini) #3

Thanks. No urgency, take your time.

(Marise) #4

I can’t change my username either. Would that be possible as well?

(Robert McIntosh) #5

I’m sure @Hawk can reply but I suspect it is an SSO issue - IIRC Feverbee uses Wordpress to create the profile then carries this over to the Discourse pages for the ‘experts’ forum, so I suspect it relates to that.

changing username in Discourse is generally not possible, while ‘Real Names’ usually are - which did you want to change?

(Marise) #6

Pity, didn’t realise my post would be google indexed. Mm

(Jay Pfaffman) #7

Not here you can’t! :slight_smile:

As @thirstforwine says below, It’s an SSO thing; you have to change it over on the other side. For a recent client I added a link at the top of the profile page.

Changing usernames is more troublesome, especially if you’d like to stay connected to your former posts.

Welcome to the internet! And indeed, Discourse makes things pretty easy for Google to consume.

(Marise) #8

Hihi, hello. I registered with LinkedIn so it created my username automatically :slight_smile: lesson learned.

(Jay Pfaffman) #9

For a Discourse site that’s not using SSO, you still get a change to set your username after you authenticate.

(Marise) #10

I guess I was a little overenthousiastic then, well let’s leave it like this, it’s ok like this

(Sarah Hawk) #11

@ale_fattorini @marise_bout

I can change your display names and your usernames. DM me the changes you’d like made.

As @Jay_Pfaffman and @thirstforwine explained, accounts here are controlled by WordPress/SSO which is why you can’t make the changes yourself through Discourse. When we built the platform I commissioned a username changer because as Marise experienced, social sign-ups don’t give you the option to choose.

(remah) #12

I thought that Discourse does allow changing of usernames even with SSO enabled. Just uncheck sso overrides username:

Here at Feverbee, I had to use a Google sign on because Feverbee registration wouldn’t work for me. I was only using 5 -10 alphabetic characters but I kept getting this error.

This username is invalid because it uses illegal characters.
Please enter a valid username.

Now that I’m finally on Feverbee, @HAWK, I’d like to have my name removed from the description and my username changed to Remah so it is consistent on all the Discourse forums I’m use. Thanks.

(Sarah Hawk) #13

That’s true, but in order for it to propagate back to WP it needs to be managed on that side, which would involve us creating an interface to do that.

Ugh, how pesky. Sorry for the complications!

It’s strange though. Were you trying to use ‘remah’?
I just tested and successfully registered with ‘remai’.
Did you perhaps have a space in there somewhere?

Anyway, I’m glad you’re finally here. I have a lot of respect for your measured responses on Discourse Meta. Welcome! I’ve updated your details. You’ll need to log back in to see them reflected.

Let me know if you have any more niggling issues, and thanks for your patience.

(remah) #14

Thanks for the name change.

No spaces, just Remah: both typed and pasted in; lower case, uppercase and
proper name format; Firefox and Chrome. I also tried other usernames that I

The issue is still there because I can’t register a second account. The
error message is infuriating because it doesn’t highlight or read the
"illegal characters" back to me:

There was an error in the submitted form

This username is invalid because it uses illegal characters.
Please enter a valid username.

(Sarah Hawk) #15

Strange – I can’t replicate this!
Can you confirm that it’s this form: https://www.feverbee.com/register/ that you’re talking about?

(tophee) #16

Do I understand this correctly: even if a user signs up via a social login, say Google, you want to sync with WP? Why?

(Sarah Hawk) #17


So that they have one account across our entire site (meaning that if they purchase something through our Resources store they already have a login etc).

(Caroline Sekar) #18

Hi! Apologies if I missed this within the thread, but how can I update my Name here? I’d like to remove my last name.

(Sarah Hawk) #19

This site uses WP SSO so Rich will need to change that for you.

(Caroline Sekar) #20

Great, thanks! @richard_millington can you please adjust my “Full name” here so it’s just my first name? Thanks!