Who Wants To Be In The Denim Community?

(Richard Millington) #1

Originally published at: https://www.feverbee.com/denim-community/

A friend spotted this in the changing rooms at Gap.

This is a classic example of a brand not thinking strategically about its community efforts.

Gap sell products which aren’t interesting for most customers to talk about (with some notable exceptions), but they know they should be doing something with their customers during or after the purchase…

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(Frank Field) #2

Before working in community management, I would have thought of that poster as an example of ham-fisted marketing designed to get me to think of myself as part of a like-minded group of GAP shoppers. Now, I look at the poster and I think, “How come they didn’t tell me where to find the community and sign up?” I would agree, after reading your post that in the absence of an actual community, a call to action would’ve been a good idea. “Tweet this with #whatever to get X% off your next purchase!”