Who is on Blab?

(Jessica Malnik) #1

I normally try and avoid self promotional posts, but I thought many folks in here would find this interesting.

For those who aren’t familiar, Blab is an up and coming live video streaming platform. Unlike Meerkat and Periscope, it’s way more collaborative and conversational. The best way I can describe is Google Hangouts meets Periscope meets a Twitter chat. All rolled into one. Here’s a great tutorial that goes over all the ins and outs.

As I’ve started using it a bit more, I’m really impressed by how the Blab team is growing their community (especially the efforts of Brittany- their community manager). I recently did a live Blab with Blab’s community manager, Brittany Metz. You can check it out here if you are interested.

Is anyone else in here on Blab? What are your thoughts about it?

(Adrian Speyer) #2

I’m on there, but right now I am more a listener than creating content. Thanks for sharing your post.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

What are you finding it the most valuable for, @Adrian? Are you looking for something specific?

There are so many products and platforms emerging all the time that I’m interested to hear why this one might be valuable to CMs. What kind of use cases do you see Blab being utilised for in your work, @jessicamalnik ?

I’d also like to tag in @StringStory here, because I know that she talked about Blab in her intro post.

(Adrian Speyer) #4

Seems there is some interesting content on there, more specifically, I have been disappointed by Google Hangouts, so options are always great to explore.

(Sarah Hawk) #5

What is it about Google Hangouts that you’re finding challenging @adrian? Does Blab address that (or is it too early to tell)?

[Apologies for the 20 questions, but I’m really keen to get some specifics here – the more granular these discussions are, the more valuable.]

(StringStory) #6

Hi @jessicamalnik and @Adrian,

Thanks for the intro, Sarah @HAWK.

I’ve been using live streaming for the last few months - I’m a Meerkat user (top 25 worldwide) and regular blab user.

Blab, imho, is a killer version of Google Hangouts. It’s super easy to use and super accessible. Plus your content is yours.

Interesting community case study are:

  • user feedback
  • virtual meetups
  • townhall which AskDomino and Team Blab use to get the community to come together for major announcement and features.

(Jessica Malnik) #7

Tons of awesome comments and knowledge bombs being dropped in this thread.

@StringStory @Adrian @HAWK: Any interest in doing a community management Blab later this week? :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #8

My week is crazy, but I’d be up for it next week, if that works.

(StringStory) #9

I’d love to part of the conversation - this week is also jammed packed.

ideal time for me is Wednesday or Thursday AEST.

Curious, where are you all currently based?

(Adrian Speyer) #10

I’m free most Fridays.

(Sarah Hawk) #11

I’m in NZ and have a fair bit of flexibility on Wed and Thurs. I suspect Adrian’s Friday is my Thursday, so that might work well.

(StringStory) #12

We’re free in the future, so yes, our Thursday’s is the US’ Friday’s

@jessicamalnik do you want to set it up and schedule it?

(Jessica Malnik) #13

Since Blab tends to be the most active at night US time, I scheduled it for a week from Thursday at 9pm CST. That’s Friday afternoon in Australia and New Zealand.

The nice thing about Blab is that we can rotate seats, so anyone in here can join in to the video stream.

Subscribe here to be notified when it goes live.

(Sarah Hawk) #14

I think that’s my 2pm Friday, which will work. I’ll have about 30mins free.

(Jessica Malnik) #15

Awesome! :slight_smile:

(tamara Parris) #16

Yes - I love Blab. SO easy to set up, invite people and use.

Found in comparison Google-hang out was just very confusing for my members to use.- could not get people even logged on it

A great subtopic would be how to introduce new technology to members - can we start that?

(Sarah Hawk) #17

It would, and yes, please do! (New Topic button top right of this screen.
The fact that I’m explaining how to do that implies that there is definitely a need for just such a topic!

Edit: You’re WAY ahead of me.

(Alessio Fattorini) #19

Just subscribed, hope I can join you :smile:

(Dan Hinmon) #20

Just subscribed. Hope I can figure out what the time is Pacific :smile: Sounds very cool. Looks like 7 p.m. Pacific.

(Jessica Malnik) #21

Yay! Awesome to see a bunch of folks who are excited to jump in this Blab on Thursday. :slight_smile:

Feel free to message me if you have any questions beforehand.