Who has an influencer outreach strategy?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Influencer outreach is something that we’d like to get better at. Does anyone have a strategy that works well, or know of anyone that does a great job of this? I’d love to hear your tips.

@Suzi_Nelson – any insights?

Lurker behaviour and the engagement challenge
(Gear Buzz) #2

We are tying to implement a random acts of kindness initiative and rewarding solid contributors.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

Hi @julesstanden
Does this relate to influencers (of your brand) or to community members?

Regardless, it sounds interesting. Can you elaborate?

(Gear Buzz) #4

Find helpful community members

Give them stuff

(At Sprint London - you are missed)

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

(Sally Da Costa) #6

I have done a lot of Influencer outreach with some fantastic success. Brandwatch helped me identify organic influencers I never knew about, it’s very good at this & allows you to jump on opportunities that could have easily passed you by.

My strategy has been pretty similar to what’s outlined in the Brandwatch article. to be fair.

I personally like to do a lot of research on potential external influencers before crafting tailored communications that aim to peak interest and get them communicating with you. If you have a long list to contact then craft a template that contains the core message/details but leave space for personalisation. As I research and identify influencers I build a pretty robust spreadsheet with contact details, stats & notes, which I then partition into lists. I like to stagger my communications in waves, and within my lists categorise people into primary secondary & tertiary contacts based on how well they fit the profiles I am targeting.

As with what was discussed a lot at SPRINT on Wednesday, building profiles is very important. But so is creating a profile of the influencers audience. From experience, the audience of an influencer is not necessarily made up of individuals that share the same profile.

While it could feel like a big win connecting with a big influencer, if the people they influence do not match a profile that fits with your product then conversion will be very low.

Of course, identifying influencers within your own community is key as well as looking to reach an external audience through influencers.

I can never stress how important it is not to lose sight of the fact that your influencers are people rather than simply numbers on legs of commodities and this should be reflected in the way you communicate with them, and how you build a relationship with them. They can deliver what you need through awesome content and so ensure that the relationship is mutually beneficial is super important. Making sure that they have your support/recognition, access to you (efficient methods of communication), assets that will help them generate further content, that they’re rewarded for their efforts.

Then following up with them regularly (not so much you are spamming them) & feed them information and content to keep them engaged (again they may have different wants and needs so make sure it’s relevant (yep more lists).

I have on several occasions reached the point of building databases to store all my lists & for the purpose of reporting on content created, and also to stop anyone ‘breaking’ my spreadsheets by locking it down to input forms & reports for anyone helping maintain the data.

This all takes time without a budget or very low budgets, and you cannot dictate when content occurs but has a very high return if successful. On the flip side, I work closely with marketing who do the paid outreach to influencers allowing us to ensure we have content that can be scheduled at key points on our timeline (especially good if you have a new product or service launch). It’s also good to work closely to ensure you are not duplicating outreach.

Pretty sure I am babbling so I will stop, but there’s a few rushed notes.

(Sarah Hawk) #7

Thanks Sally, that’s really useful information.

Do you have a link to that article?

(Sally Da Costa) #8


To clarify, I was referring to the article linked to in the opening post.

(Sarah Hawk) #9

Can you elaborate on this? Once you’ve identified and connected with an influencer, what types of things do you ask them to do? And what do you do in return to ensure the relationship is symbiotic?

(Apologies for all the questions, but in order for people to get value from this kind of conversation it’s great to get very granular).

(Suzi Nelson) #10

Our social media manager and managing editor handle a lot of our influencing. We create Short Lists of people we’ve identified as influencers and actively watch them find ways to connect. Twitter is great for this. It’s not an area I’m particularly fluent in, but I know we use a lot of content marketing strategies and what my boss lovingly refers to as “digital butt kissing” - finding key content from your influencers that your audience would appreciate and would help your influencer get the word out about their initiatives.

We also reach out to influencers and industry big wigs and ask them to write stuff for us or participate in crowdsourced posts.

Hope that helps!

(Joe Velez) #11

Love this topic.

We just started something similar so I can’t really add too much to the discussion. I’m here for ideas.

I do want to emphasize a few things…

  • Find what the influencer is looking for. (Is it traffic? Brand exposure? etc)
  • Constant communication between the 2 parties is a must. (Steady reminder of why the partnership is needed)
  • I totally agree about being honest. (They are not stupid.)
  • Make it clear from the start - “You scratch my back I scratch your back.”

(Note: I’m not a CM. I’m a programmer and strategist/builder.)