Who has an Ambassador or a Super-User program?

(Sarah Hawk) #21

Thanks Frank.

Were you trying to solve a specific problem by starting the group?

(Frank Field) #22

Several, I guess. We have a 10,000 active member community and there’s just me. It’s global, and there’s just me. It’s a technical community and I’m not technical. There’s a lot I wanna do to make it better, and there’s just me. First, I gave them the power to mark answers correct, because there are 8,000 questions in my community and I was pretty sure that there are literally thousands that have correct answers, but aren’t marked. I also have 1300 that don’t have a reply at all. I also have all this technical documentation that probably needs updating, but I wouldn’t have the foggiest. But they do. So, they’re setting about marking answers (400 in two months), answering questions as they tend to do anyway, and they’ve compiled about 50 links that need updating. I’m taking that list to my boss who’ll help me figure out who owns the pages that need to be udpated and then get them updated. The company wants to create brand advocates, and I am told that this group is probably going to get the opportunity to move “up” to that group, run by someone else… So, it just kinda worked out that when I asked our marketing vp for some swag to toss my little worker bees, she was already at work on this brand advocacy thing and this was a nice way to kind of get some people into the mode of doing stuff for us.
Sorry, wandering reply. I’m kinda jamming before I take my girls trick or treating, but since I saw your question, I just had to come over here because y’all are like Chubby Hubby. I simply can’t stay away forever no matter how hard I try.

(Sarah Hawk) #23

I had to Google that. It sounded bad!

That’s really useful info thanks, esp with the numbers. I may have further questions down the line – hope that’s ok!

Have fun Trick or Treating.

(Frank Field) #24

Oh, it’s bad. It’s horrible, awful stuff. They put crack in it, I think… and now they have a “Tubby Hubby” version that’s out. I’m like a moth to a flame… If it weren’t for marathoning, I’d be YOOGE.
Ask away, no worries.

(Lucie Pinto) #25

I recently created a private group for the Champions to talk to each other. Along with that I have reached out to them to provide them with some special swag as a thank you. I’ve noticed that we have had a lot more activity from Champions and other Users recently. I feel that our Community has started to become more self sufficient. Cheers!

(Alessio Fattorini) #26

That’s our Ambassador Group looks like :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #27

Thanks for sharing that. You have it well documented. :slight_smile:
Do you have defined targets that you’re measuring against?

(Alessio Fattorini) #28

Not yet, I think

  • ambassadors involvement, in community and in the private group
  • checking how many ambassadors are still active in three months
  • self-disclosure discussions between ambassadors!

(Sarah Hawk) #29

Do you have any incentives or benefits outside of the private discussion area? i.e. what are they motivated by?

(Alessio Fattorini) #30

I asked it in the past, hanging out with some of them.
Summarizing, they answered me that:

  1. they feel our community a space of emotional safety. It’s not common in our space
  2. they like the mood. For them, our community is welcoming, open and supportive
  3. they can get help and help others
  4. their opinion counts,
  5. hey can share knowledge
    6 they like the product and can build it together

(MHCommMgr) #31

We have an ambassador program (we call them Community Leaders) and I’ve recently had about half a dozen chats with them on motivation, etc. if you’d like me to share. There are no other paid benefits than what they personally get out of it, though we do acknowledge them several times a year for participation and send out thank you gift cards each year.

We are a patient-to-patient community so it’s not brand-related. There are around 100 people and they mostly answer questions, but they are also supposed to encourage users to return and generally make each community a nice place to be by being positive and inviting. As you know, we have a private group where they can be negative if there is a need (and share problems).

(Sarah Hawk) #32

I’d love you too. I’m particularly interested in the motivations of these groups.

How do you recruit members? And is there a fixed term?

(MHCommMgr) #33

There is no fixed term, but I know others do that and I’m considering it, for various reasons (namely that the older members seem to get burnt out when people leave and their groups experience a change in membership)

The mods help me recruit. We watch the forums to see who is playing nice with others, has helpful answers, and seems to represent the caring and consideration we’re looking for, along with the condition specific experience or interest. Sometimes current ambassadors will work in a number of communities because we have some condition crossover as well.

Despite the different conditions the ambassadors I talked to represented, there was consistency in their reasoning behind participating: they had gotten help on the site, or from others in another fashion, and wanted to give back by sharing what they knew. Helping others gave them a sense of satisfaction and purpose. Some reported other benefits, like connecting to a community (many of our members are on disability and can’t work, so they have less of a social outlet IRL, others live in rural areas and seek out our site because they can’t find communities with their condition in their area), but the idea of helping others giving them satisfaction and purpose was near universal.