Who Has An Advocacy Campaign?


(Richard Millington) #1

Do any of you use community to drive advocacy, know of someone that does, or participate in advocacy programs yourself?

Looking for some interesting examples for the @ALLIES book.

(Nick Emmett) #2

Interesting timing, we’re just in the process of launching our advocacy programme. It will essentially be driven through the Community but not solely. We are just launching to our Founders Club this week, which is essentially a small group of our top contributors in the Community.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #3

@Annick_Oosterlee does; but she tends to be a bit shy in this forum :slight_smile:

(Richard Millington) #4

she shouldn’t be, we’re not that scary. Especially now @hawk has left :slight_smile:

(Annick Oosterlee) #5

Hehe, thanks @Bas_van_Leeuwen. :sweat_smile:

We recently launched: https://spotschiphol.nl/en/free-coffee - where we invite our community members to invite their colleagues. If he/she registers, both persons will receive a coffee voucher.

Because the community I’m managing is a community for everyone who works in the Schiphol area, we thought this would be a good idea for a couple of reasons: it’s highly measurable, it helps local restaurants (which are also part of the Schiphol community) and it is in line with our community goal: connect people (whether online or over coffee).

In three weeks, 123 invites were sent and 42 people registered. This led to 84 coffee vouchers out of which 20 were redeemed so far.

Each coffee costs us €1,50 so a new member will “cost us” anything between €0,00 - €3,00, depending on if the vouchers get redeemed or not.

Hey! This was my first post! :wink:

(Richard Millington) #6

Hey @Annick_Oosterlee,

Random question. Does Schipol refer only to the airport or a broader zone around the airport?

(Bas van Leeuwen) #7

Annick is being a bit too modest…

Who here has monthly f2f meetings with their 8 community advocates? And has one present their advocacy at a community manager meetup?

Who here has outdoor banners for their community events?

Who here has a dedicated building (admittedly small) that members can rent for free?

(Annick Oosterlee) #8

Hey @richard_millington! The Schiphol Community is an initiative of Schiphol Real Estate, and is meant for the employees of 500 tenants that are located at and around the airport. These tenants include companies that have to be located at Schiphol (airlines, security, cleaning services, etc), but also multinationals such as Microsoft, Samsung and a broad variety of SMBs. In total, we say about 65.000 people belong to our offline community. However, 25% of this group spend most of their time in the air. :wink:

(Annick Oosterlee) #9

Thanks Bas, you’re making me blush. :relaxed:

(Frank Field) #10

Hi have an advocacy group. They’re really basically deputy community managers I empowered with the ability to do some things in the community that is helpful. Mainly, they are able to mark answers correct. They really know their stuff and they mark only correct answers. And the result has been a skyrocketing number of views of correct answers and a slow-down in new questions being asked (I can’t prove it, but I believe people are posting fewer duplicate questions.

(Wouter Schrijvershof) #11

Yeah for more dutchies here at Feverbee, welcome @Annick_Oosterlee :slight_smile:

@richard_millington at GamePoint we have a volunteer program, they are our ears and eyes when we aren’t present in game. Do you consider them as advocates or is being a volunteer in your eyes a different brand of advocacy?