Which communities are indispensable to you today?


(Richard Millington) #1

Hey everyone,

Quick question for you all today (especially the @ALLIES) group.

Which communities are indispensable to your life today? You can give any answer that makes sense to you. You can go online or offline. You can even define community however you like.

But try and just name which communities you would find really difficult to live without.

(there are no wrong answers!)

(Adrian Speyer) #2

I don’t know if I would use the word “indispensable”, but it would be a lot less richer if places like this and CMX hub did not exist to talk with my peers in the CMGR space. There is something very helpful about sharing the unique set of challenges with peers while getting advice, support and learning.

(Rebecca Braglio) #3

Online, I’d say this group and my local Buy Nothing Facebook group (it’s been a great way to get free things and meet neighbors).
Another online community is a chronic pain group on Inspire.

(Samantha Preddie) #4

Bunz Facebook groups (they have a plant zone in particular that has helped me learn so much). Also, the bunz trading group helped furnish nearly 80% of my home!

(Robert McIntosh) #5

Hmm … interesting to evaluate my own life in terms of communities

There’s my own one, since I don’t just manage it but it inspires me to drink new and better wines from member suggestions

There’s meta.discourse and this site since they not only answer questions I have, but inspire thinking and new ways of looking at my community.

There’s the local ‘SE23Mums’ Facebook group that brings together parents (despite the name) to help each other with advice as well as exchange items

There’s my (offline) Community Choir - that keeps me sane by doing something completely different once a week

(Emma Furtado) #6

Professionally, this one or meta.discourse.org.

I used to be part of an online running community that I enjoyed very much. I would like to get involved in more communities near me and feel more engaged in the offline side of community building.

(Nick Emmett) #7

I lean on the Salesforce Trailblazer Community more than any other in my professional life. That and this have been instrumental in shaping the work I do on a daily basis today.

In my personal life I have a couple of niche sites that I enjoy lurking and/or engaging in - one to do with an activity I used to be a part of and one to do with a medical condition I have. There’s also my local neighbourhood watch group on Facebook.

(Joe DeLisle) #8

For the truly “indispensable” ones, I’d go with:

  • Online: FeverBee, CMX Hub, and a Facebook group for hockey goalies to share tips and techniques to customize/modify our gear.

  • Offline: My hockey teams, a group of cmgrs working in Alexandria, and a church group.

There are a few others that I find value in, but wouldn’t be totally distraught if they randomly disappeared tomorrow.

This is certainly an interesting (and insightful) exercise. I may try to apply this to our communities after our annual March meetings.

(Richard Millington) #9

That has to be one of the most narrowly focused community groups I’ve ever heard of. I love that so much. Is there a link? Might use it for the book as a great example.

(Joe DeLisle) #10

Try this. The group name is: Goalie Equipment Modification and Styling.

It’s technically a closed group, but I’m going to guess they don’t actually turn anyone away. (I don’t remember having to answer any questions when I first asked to join.) If they do ask you any questions, just let me know and I’ll give you the answers!

(Richard Millington) #11

Thanks for this list everyone, it was really helpful!

(Chris B) #12

One of Australia’s biggest - https://whirlpool.net.au and of course Meta!