Where's the "buzz" in Feverbee? Some meta questions


(joel galbraith) #1

Emails from Feverbee (Richard) are, in my opinion, doing a great job providing real value. They stimulate thought in me about my community and invite me to engage in both paid and unpaid activities.

I’m discouraged, however, with what feels like a lull in this Feverbee community space. Is that a misperception on my part of our community of community managers here on Feverbee? Or am I just not subscribed to enough active threads or investing enough in my CM colleagues (…and therefore ultimately not investing in myself?)

Feverbee is feeling a little community manager-less, lacking a champion. I ask these questions because I’m trying to check my assumptions. Should I always feel a little buzz in my communities? or is the calm that I perceive just fine…and not a negative sign?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

I’m going to take this as a compliment. :wink:

Personally I think yes – unless it’s a pure support community. Sense of community is important. You should want to visit and engage.

(Richard Millington) #3

Hey @jdg239,

This is a really good question.

I think you’re absolutely right that it is a bit quiet in the community here.

The activity stats have generally been on a steady, albeit slight, decline since January (though interestingly newcomer conversions are slightly up).

It’s also, ironically, in the last few months where I feel we’ve gained the most value from the community through the 38 people in the private area. The feedback from some of the people here on the book has really, really, helped me focus on the areas that matter. It’s been an excellent sounding board for ideas at times.

I’m not too worried about activity (or the sense of community) here at the moment.

We’ve gone down the route in the past of doing fun weekly updates, health exercise tasks, regular interviews etc…and some of them drive a bit of a boost in activity, but the impact doesn’t last for long and none of that activity led to the results we wanted.

I definitely don’t want to be in that place where we’re doing things just to get the appearance of more activity.

That said, I’d definitely love to have more of the right kind of activity. More discussions about selecting and optimizing the technology, driving better results, and building more support. But with the book, courses, upcoming speaking events and new clients, I just don’t have the time to drive it. I also don’t think we can justify the resources of hiring a community manager here at the moment neither.

My plan is to get the book done and then focus more here on changing the focus and concept of the site a little. Away from another community for community people and towards more specific projects like the book that people can be involved with.

I’m very, very, open to any ideas or thoughts anyone else has here though. If anyone wants to lead projects, get the support for others or anything else, let me know.

I definitely think we can do more with the example project we have, keeping our platform tool updated, and building a decent database of people in the sector.

So feel free to jump in!