Where in the world are you?

(Katherine Mancuso) #81

Oakland, CA!

(Ditte Mathiasen) #82

I’m from Denmark! :wink:

(Shreyas) #83

I’m currently working/living in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Here’s an iconic image of Bangalore, which is best known to be the Silicon Valley of India, and also for it’s traffic.

Some weekends whenever I need a break, I travel 12 hours to go to this place I call home-Kannur, Kerala, India. It’s totally worth it! :grin:

(Sarah Hawk) #84

@dun3buggi3 That traffic is insane! We complain about conjestion here in Auckland, but we obviously have no idea!

I’ve never been to Denmark. I’d love to see a photo.

(Ditte Mathiasen) #85

This is Kolding in Denmark, where i work and study :slight_smile: I’m moving there in about a month!

(Shreyas) #86

Hah. True! :slight_smile:
The traffic sucks the life out of people who travel to work in Bangalore. If it’s public transport, you end up spending 4+ hours both ways just travelling within the city! :neutral_face:

But on the other hand, Kannur is really calm and quiet. :blush: Someday, I look forward to working from a beach back at home :smiley:

(Darren Gough) #87

Wow that’s traffic on a whole other level! Does the government try and tackle it or has it just gone too far?

(Shreyas) #88

Well, at least in Bangalore, it’s all because of unplanned urbanization. Being the Silicon Valley of India has it’s own costs. All the major IT companies set up hubs in Bangalore, resulting in engineers migrating from all across the country to Bangalore.
The traffic has become insane because they’re planning to “reduce” traffic by constructing metro trains. Now the thing with Indian govt. system is that nothing finishes on time.
Recently the government tried to “make things right” by organizing a demolition drive in order to save the lakes in Bangalore (or at least, what remains of these lakes). They did this by planning to demolish every single building that was constructed from land encroached from lakes. Now here’s where citizens suffered. They paid a huge amount of money to construct these houses in lands that were approved by the government officials or buy a constructed house from builders that had land approved for construction. Ideally, these spots shouldn’t have been allowed for construction. But thanks to the amount of corruption in the government, the govt. officials took bribe and turned a blind eye. Now normal citizens suffer because all their lifetime investment- their houses , are now going to be knocked down by the govt. for no fault of theirs!

Things are crazy. On a related note- According To Scientists, Bengaluru Will Be A Dead City In The Next 5 Years

(Darren Gough) #89

Wow that’s a really difficult situation. Will the government not compensate them?

(Shreyas) #90

Well, that’s only required if they admit that it’s their mistake or because of corrupt govt employees right? One good thing is that they’ve put it on hold currently.
They don’t really “care” about the people although they like to show that they do. Personally, for me what was really sad was there was a martyr’s home on the demolition list. Must’ve been really sad for the entire family with the son’s death fighting for the country to keep it safe from terrorists and then realizing that they’re going to lose their house to the govt. because someone in the govt. didn’t do his job or was corrupt.
They’re investigating deeper into the problem to see if demolition would help and to uncover and “punish” the corrupt officials.

Here are some thoughts on the same

(Fabio Bianchi) #91

I’m from the city of São Paulo, Brazil. But in a few months, I will move to Italy.
And that’s a photo of downtown. The curved building it’s a work of the architect Oscar Niemeyer, it’s named COPAN.

(Sarah Hawk) #92

Wow, that is incredibly densely populated! Amazing angle for the shot.

(Wouter Schrijvershof) #93

Been located in The Hague, The Netherlands for the last 4 years for GamePoint. We currently occupy the 5th floor of the glass building.

As with any real estate location is key. Luckily the beach is within walking distance, which looks something like this.

Feel free to stop by for a little tour if you’re in the area :sunglasses:

(Shreyas) #94

Wow! The beach looks amazing!

(Nikoletta Harrold) #95

I am in Colorado too @Jennifer_Zowada, where do you live? Greater Denver area by any chance?

(Nikoletta Harrold) #96

Hi guys, I am in Denver Colorado as well, the Mile High City, where the air is thin and the weather sways 20 degrees every day (so we end up having all 4 seasons in one week)

(Sarah Hawk) #97

Stunning photo!

[quote=“Nikoletta_Harrold, post:96, topic:2229”]
and the weather sways 20 degrees every day (so we end up having all 4 seasons in one week)
[/quote] I wondered how much you were exaggerating and then I found this and this. Isn’t it the middle of spring now? And still only 3 degrees?

(Nikoletta Harrold) #98

Haha, yes. I did not believe it either before moving here. But this weeks forecast attached.

Last week we had 20 Celsius (low 70F) and yesterday and today we had rain and snow at 3 Celsius. (37 F) it’s no joke!! When you come for a holiday pack for all seasons!

(Sarah Hawk) #99

Insane! The climate here in Auckland is classified as sub-tropical and we hardly have any fluctuations at all.
Even across the year.

(Laura Small) #100

I know another community manager based in Leeds! Don’t think they are part of Fever Bee community…but if you want an intro, let me know! @Nick_Emmett