Where in the world are you?

(Jennifer Zowada) #61

no I didn’t take this one but the maroon bells is one of the most photographed spots in colorado, you will see floods of photographers there to get the sunrise pics, it’s amazing.

(Sarah Hawk) #62

I can see why!

(Kelly Harris) #63

Hello all! I’m spread out all over the Bay Area in California: live in the Berkeley Hills, work in Silicon Valley, and am starting a new job in San Francisco in a couple weeks! I also lived in the South of France for a year @Margaret_Bost and your picture made me extremely “home” sick and nostalgic!

(Stephen Gates) #64

How do people feel about mapping the location of the community? A question was asked about how to do this and it is possible but would it delight or freak people out?

In a similar vain how would people feel about a liker / liked network diagram being publish with user names?

There’s nothing in the terms of service preventing this from being done but it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

What do you think?

P.S. I’m in Brisbane, Australia.

Community member location mapping and privacy issues
(Richard Millington) #65

Realised I haven’t participated.

I’m in East London.

(Margaret Bost) #66

I’m from Colorado too!

(Jennifer Zowada) #67

Hi @Margaret_Bost ! We should get together! Where in CO are you?

(Margaret Bost) #68

Darn, wish I could! I’m from Colorado but don’t live there now. I’m in France for the foreseeable future but get back to CO every few years. There’s no place as beautiful as Colorado in the summer!

(Dave Charbonneau) #69

I’m south of Salt Lake City, Utah USA.

I’m enjoying a beautiful, green spring!

(Sarah Hawk) #70

I’ve always been curious about that part of the US. It is famous here in NZ because the nearby salt flats are where kiwi Burt Munro went to attempt a world speed record. They made a movie about it: The World’s Fastest Indian.

Do you have a photo?

(Dave Charbonneau) #71

Here are a couple of shots while at my son’s soccer game, last week. I love it when we get the green and the white together in the springtime.

Sometimes we talk of running away to New Zealand, tho! Or Hawaii.

(Barb Hansen) #72

I’m in Denver (an ex-pat Canadian from Northern Ontario), @Jennifer_Zowada I see you are from Denver as well. Nice to find you here

(Jennifer Zowada) #73

@bhansen we should meet up sometime!

(Jennifer Zowada) #74

Thats beautiful @SelfEnterpriser looks like Bozeman Montana, where are you located?

(Dave Charbonneau) #75

@Jennifer_Zowada, those pics were taken in American Fork, Utah. It’s amazing how our eyes, over time, can block out the beauty that’s around us. I love it here, but when I look at the 2nd image, I am reminded wonderful a backdrop the mountains make.

(Sarah Hawk) #76

I’m bumping this because I finally have a beautiful photo of my country! The mountain is Ruapehu (~4 hours south of Auckland, where I live).

(nlouwrens) #77

With that stunning pic of Mt Ruapehu that has just been shared (I flew over this mountain on Monday - stunning!), I thought another New Zealander should jump in.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand.

This is a view from the top of the Wainuiomata Hill, near where I live.

And the top of Mount Maunganui near where my parents live:

(Heidi Morgan) #78

I’m in Melbourne, Australia - the most livable city in the world :wink: It’s kind of chilly right now, though, for Australia.

(Travis King) #79

Is there any community manager group in Melbourne that likes to meet up for some coffee or wine from time to time? I’d love to meetup next time I’m in Melbourne visiting the office :smiley:

(Sarah Hawk) #80

I love Melbourne. My first CM job was at SitePoint and I commuted monthly from NZ. Can’t complain about that!

I know there’s a breakfast group @Travis – do a search in the Aus CM Facebook group, I’ve seen it mentioned there.