Where in the world are you?

(Anton) #21

Okay, speaking about photos, here are two of the best I have about my city:

  1. That’s me going to the place from which I’ll take a photo of the sunset in 1 minutes:

  2. Just a piece of wild Australia. Coming from Ukraine, I’ve never seen so big and wild places along coastlines, so it’s very moving and touching for me:

My dream is to spend a 1-month-long vacation traveling and climbing in NZ. The plan is to do it in 2017!

(Mark Baldwin) #22

Good to see another yorkshireman on here, at least someone else will get my jokes now. :slight_smile: I live on the other side of leeds, nearer wakefield. Will have to meet up for a beer or two one day.

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(Alena Rybik) #23

Some lovely photos here and the geographical diversity is great!

I am currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden, and soon it’ll look here like this:

(Alexandra Kleijn) #24

I am in Hannover, Germany, but I’m originally from The Netherlands.

Hoi @Ad_Huikeshoven & @Bas_van_Leeuwen :slightly_smiling:

We’re in between winter and spring over here.

(Katherine Mancuso) #25

Oakland, California! (across the bay from SF)

(Alessio Fattorini) #26

Uhm is there a venetia “gondola” over there?

(Katherine Mancuso) #27

There is! We have gondolas on the lake!

(Gear Buzz) #28

Muswell Hill, London, UK

(Kristen Gastaldo) #29

The rest of my team is in CHS. Let me know if you want to connect with other Community Managers in the area!

(Kristen Gastaldo) #30

I’m currently in London (East Dulwich), but am relocating to Boston, MA in May. I work from home mostly, but I will miss the view from the office:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #31

Troy, NY (just across the river from the state capital, Albany). Going to hit 70 degrees F tomorrow, such a strange winter here this year (well, lack of winter would be a better description).

(Todd Nilson) #32

Hey there, neighbor. I"m in Milwaukee and frequently in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, as well!

(Bo McGuffee) #33

Well, hi! (waves) Good to see someone is nearby.

(Christine White) #34

:sunny: Sunny Orlando, Florida in the USofA! It’s presidential primary day today - we won’t get into that, too depressing :grimacing: - but the weather is beautiful and I feel blessed. Wishing everyone a purpose-filled and positive day!

(Sarah Hawk) #35

Hearing you. We’re currently in the process of voting in a new flag and that’s fast becoming pretty depressing too!

(Jessica Malnik) #36

Austin, TX! :smile: It was in the 80s here today.

(Travis King) #37

Try to envision the middle of nowhere. And then think of the place in the middle of the middle of nowhere. And that’s where I live - Saskatchewan, Canada :smiley:

Here is a picture of me working in my home office:

(Suzi Nelson) #38

Love seeing all the pictures!

I’m in Austin, Texas :slight_smile:

(Todd Nilson) #39

Makes me think it would be cool to take pictures of all of our office setups after seeing that awesome shot from @Travis. Although I doubt any of us could compete with that! Dude, how do you get wifi all the way out there?

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(Sam) #40

I’m in the music city of the world… Nashville, TN :smiley: