Where in the world are you?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Following on from @Nick_Emmett’s question about location I thought it would be interesting to see how spread out we all are.

I’m from Auckland, New Zealand.
If you make it to my part of the world I’ll buy you a beer (or coffee).

(Ad Huikeshoven) #2

I’m in The Hague, NL some 200 mi or 300 km from the UK.

(Bo McGuffee) #3

Beloit, Wisconsin (US), where we just got a bunch of snow dumped on us. (brrr)

(rhogroupee) #4

Charleston, South Carolina, US. Can’t complain about our weather :slight_smile:

(JoeBuhlig) #5

Twin Cities, Minnesota. We didn’t want as much snow this year so we sent it to @irreverance. :wink:

(Nick Emmett) #6

I live in Leeds, work in Harrogate (allegedly the UK’s best place to live).
Snow this morning, gone this aft. I’m done with Winter, ready for Spring!
I wonder what the distance is between our two furthest apart members? I also love that this is clearly a global community.

(Doug Agee) #7

Salt Lake City, Utah. You know… the greatest snow on earth.

(ForumSentinel) #8

Boise, Idaho. 60 degree March, was this warm last month too. Unusual.

(Bo McGuffee) #9

@JoeBuhlig, I assure you my husky and husky-mix love you for it.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #10

Amsterdam, NL, we had some hail today

(purldator) #11

I like to say I hail from Rochester NY (or as I say, th’ Rah-cha-cha).

The truth details my future plans: I am moving to Rochester in the coming months.

Currently, I dwell in the western NY farm lands between th’ Rah-cha-cha and th’ Buffs, where fresh dairy, alpaca yarns and really loud noises hail; the kind that one would think be pretty cool at first, but then you start to groan when the noises arise at their harvest time in the Summer, mostly when you have to wait for the procession to pass in front of your vehicle or by your home.

(This be my territory. I live minutes from where this first shot is taken of the coupled noise carts departing for their cacophonous journey.)

(christopher w) #12

A village on the outskirts of London - where almost everybody is a commuter and the sense of community, ironically, is near zero. But looking on the bright side of things, we are surrounded by farms and rivers and perhaps most importantly, we have… fibre.

(Alessio Fattorini) #13

I’m in Fano, Marche, Italy. Few minutes away from the sea

(Anton) #14

Australia, Adelaide!
@HAWK one day we meet :slight_smile:
It’s still hot - around 36 C these days, no rain, lots of touching sunsets every day.

(OCAMgob) #15

Puerto Rico

(Nick Emmett) #16

Oh please now!!! @OCAMgob please tell me that’s NOT a view from where you’re working right now, and is in fact a stock photo!!

This is a great thread, I love seeing where you all are around the world.

(Steve Bridger) #17

I work from home, which is on the Somerset Levels in SW England. Very flat. Very wet.

I’m frequently in London though, visiting clients.

Today’s walk in the fields behind our house.

(Sarah Hawk) #18

That is a stunning photo Steve! Is photography a hobby?

(Steve Bridger) #19

Thanks. Very amateur though, @HAWK… but I do like posting to Instagram :smile:

(Colleen Young) #20

I’m in Toronto, Canada. I, too, work from home. No photo to share (yet) :unamused: