Where do you get stock art?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

When we move to WordPress we're going to need to up our stock art game.

https://pixabay.com/ is brilliant. Are there any other good options? 

(ben van 't ende) #2

There is this awesome list that was just published on Medium: https://medium.com/@dustin/stock-photos-that-dont-suck-62ae4bcbe01b

(Peter van Teeseling) #3

There are so many, here's a few (thank you Producthunt):




(Jennifer Zowada) #4

I use Pixabay




(Liz Crampton) #5

I use the above link to medium that Ben posted all the time- not all of them are free, but they are good.

Also use http://www.stocksy.com/

(will mckay) #6

Thanks to everyone for the sites. Never wanted to steal someone else’s work so I purchased my images at bigstockphoto.com. I had no idea these great resources were out there.

(Steve Bridger) #7

I use Creative Market a lot.

You need to pay for a lot of things, but I like to see graphic designers getting rewarded. You can get some fantastic graphics for $5-$10… and there are weekly giveaways.

(Richard Millington) #8

Dropping in a list from all your suggestions for the newcomers:

CC0 licensed


Licenses vary per image

Paid licenses

(Angelo Luciani) #9

I use shutterstock - it’s on the expensive side, so thanks for sharing your picks everyone