When should I transition our community from free to paid?

I’m starting a new community from scratch.

The end goal is to have a paid community, but as per best practise I’ll be seeding the group with free “charter” members to first get the ball rolling.

The charter members will remain free for life, but once we switch to a paid community newcomers are charged a monthly fee.

At what point should I try and transition the community from free to paid? What metrics should I be looking at to know when the time is right?

Hi @bennygill

First, you need to have a sufficient user base. If people go to your community and see that there’s no activity, they won’t be inclined to join or pay to be members. So, you have to attract enough participants to create a dynamic community and create a high-quality user experience that 1) keeps your participants engaged, and 2) keeps bringing value to overtime.

It depends on your community and target audience about how many participants you need or what numbers to look at before you move to pay.

Would you like to share more details about your community?

(quick note: you might want to take a look at this article that explains the Pricing Model for Slack. Not exactly what you are looking for - from non-paid to a paid community - but I believe it could give some insights into what you should consider)