When is a Online community an online Community?

(Ronan Healy) #1


I'd seen a chat start by Steve Johnson here on defining "What is a online community?". That got me thinking about measuring online communities.

This might be a bit heavy for a Monday morning but I have been thinking about the philosophy of thought of  when do you decide your online community is a online community. Is it from day 1 or is it from the day the community reaches maturity. 

I know that there are different suggestions as to how to measure when a online community has reached certain stages of its lifecycle e.g. establishment, maturity  but I wonder how I might measure something like this. Can it be measured? 

I suppose the closest thing to what I am thinking about is the "Sense of Community" measurement. Would that be it or would define this another way?


(Familie Slot) #2

So the question is really when a community is a community? 

(Sarah Hawk) #3

There are probably lots of answers to your question, but I'm not sure that it has to be linked to a sense of community from day one. I think that tends to be more to measure the health of an existing community rather than whether it is one.

I personally think that a community is a community from day 1 rather than when it meets maturity. Whether it's a community that will survive is a different question...