When Fitbit took their Community public


(Nick Emmett) #1

Not necessarily a read, although there’s some good highlights quoted, this is a great session with Alison Leahy of FitBit and @Patrick of Community Signal around he Fitbit team’s approach to Community Management.

Some great points in here, some you’ve heard before but it’s always great to get them from someone elses perspective.

(Jen Blanford) #2

Those are some interesting quotes. Some of that is the opposite of how the communities I manage run. For assisting patients, we don’t like to let posts sit unanswered for more than a few hours. We also encourage patients to problem solve somewhat on their own (be it asking their doctors, thinking about options, etc). At the same time, we are trying to avoid a situation where the majority of answers come from staff. It’s a tricky balance.