When did you know your community hit the 'Next Level'?

I was reading the latest article by Richard on Latest Question vs Latest Activity (https://www.feverbee.com/latest-question-activity/?mc_cid=df283b8a24&mc_eid=bf469e57da) and the last line really stood out to me:

When you’re just getting started, it makes sense to show the Latest Questions over Latest Activity. Once you’ve hit maturity, switch to latest activity and keep working hard to make answers as best/accepted.

I woke up a week ago, looked at my community, and realized that my community had hit the ‘next level’. It hit me like a brick wall, and really forced me to re-evaluate how I go about certain strategies … the kinds of notifications, the kinds of activity feeds, the kinds of display, and making sure both superusers are satisfied for personalized information vs pushing interesting content to new users. I routinely try to approach my community with a fresh perspective, but … dang, its hard! As a community manager, you get suckered into the weeds that you really need to pull yourself out to the 10,000 ft view to see what’s going on. I wanted to ask everybody, when did you know your community hit the next level of growth / maturity, when you needed to start redesigning some of your features?

And as an advanced #challenges question: What feature did you redesign when you hit that next stage of growth, and why?

This is totally off topic, but I just want to say that I love love love reading the daily newsletter from FeverBee. I subscribe to a bunch of community management ones, delete all of them, and read only Richard’s when I’m pressed for time. I would love to discuss every single one of them if I could (it kills me not to have the comments turned on!! :grin:).

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