What's your (online community platform) flavour?

(Carl Sonic) #21

I started with xenforo, what i really liked about it was it’s responsive design, many of my users are on mobile deveices and they really benefited from this feature.

(Angelo Luciani) #22

We use the Lithium community platform

(Kathleen Ulrich) #23

Hi, Do you have a problem with spam registrations on this platform? Do you have an approach that will help control spammers?

(Sarah Hawk) #24

I know that Akismet works with phpBB – I haven’t seen it in action though.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #25

I used GetSatisfaction for a few years and am using Small World Labs right now.

GetSat was great for the support community model (ask a question, post a problem, submit an idea), but didn’t have the versatility we wanted for the company-wide platform.

We’re using Small World Labs (after looking at Lithium, Salesforce, and a couple others). It’s been really good for having multiple communities (based on product) in the same space, has events, groups, private messaging, is pretty customizable and relatively easy to design. It’s not perfect, but no platform is going to have EVERYTHING we’d like.

(Richard Millington) #26

just curious, how does Small World Labs stack up against Lithium/Jive cost-wise?

I don’t know of anyone else using them.

(Pablo Corral) #27

Big fan of Discourse.

All the other open source platforms seems abandoned places compared with Discourse today. Even compared with Lithium, Discourse seems to me a refresh to our current toolset.

(Sarah Hawk) #28

Have you had any experience with NodeBB? I’m also a huge fan of Discourse, but I wouldn’t rule out Node just yet.

(Kristen Gastaldo) #29

I’m actually not sure what we ended up paying. Probably info above my pay scale, but I’ll try to get the general idea. We are probably their largest and one of the few not-nonprofit customers.

(Rob Munger) #30

I use XenForo and see it as the natural successor to vBulletin. Community morale is high, the code is clean, the team is first rate and there is a wide range of available addons. I’ve considered NodeBB and Discourse for future projects.

This was definitely vital in our decision process as well. For evaluating future prospects of products in the “commercial forum script” category, I find the DigitalPoint Cookie Search tool to be indispensible:

The four biggest commercial forum scripts are tracked: Woltlab Burning Board, Invision Power (IPB; mentioned above), vBulletin (vB; mentioned above disparagingly by several above), and XenForo (the new kid on the block, also mentioned above).

Particularly helpful is the following graph that tracks migrations between the four products. It is regularly updated and shows a stunning trend toward XF and a somewhat weaker trend away from vB

As a very happy XF customer, I can see why people are switching.

(Sarah Hawk) #31

That’s interesting data, thanks Rob. How long ago did you migrate and how big is the community?

(Dave Charbonneau) #32

I’m a small-time operator right now, and looking at platforms that are shoe-string friendly. I’ve gone with SourceEngine because I can start with their cloud service for a monthly fee, but then buy the files and host on my own server when I’ve got a little jingle in my pockets.

However, not seeing anyone mentioning SourceEngine or its peer competitors, am I missing something?

(Sarah Hawk) #33

I confess to never having heard of SourceEngine and Google only turns up a gaming platform with that name. Do you have a link?

(Dave Charbonneau) #34

Sorry, SocialEngine. It seemed a fav for many when Ning changed their biz model, from what I’ve read.

(Sarah Hawk) #35

Ah right – that makes more sense. I know that @stevencyrkin investigated it last year – what was the upshot of that, Steve?

(Gear Buzz) #36

My winning horse in the race is Xenforo

I have a small community on it. But I am waiting for it to mature to its planned 2.0 version before migrating my largest community.

V2 is said to be built for easier custom development. It will also use the CSS protocol Less.

I have a lot of custom functionality on VB that I will need to get converted over to Xenforo and the word on the street is that all plug ins will need to be rewritten for v2.0 so there is no way I am going to make a leap to XF before the “it will all be a lot easier to develop for” improvements are in place.

I am filling the time waiting with a re design. (Which I will be able to hook up to XF)

(Jennifer Filla) #38

I’m newborn to the world of online communities and am looking for discussion forums that will play nicely with the Wordpress Wishlist plugin. Vanilla has come up in a few places as a viable option. I’m looking for open source because I won’t go premium until next year. The biggest trouble I’m having is that although I consider myself tech-savvy, I know that means that I could cause a disaster and not know it until too late. How does one find a good person or company to make it all work together? And does Vanilla work well with Wishlist? Not seeing folks on these community boards using Wishlist. Any and all help appreciated!

(Sarah Hawk) #39

Can you elaborate on this @jenfilla ?
What are you using Wishlist for and how do you want a forum to integrate?

(Jennifer Filla) #40

Sure thing! I’m using the wishlist wordpress plugin to allow some of my webpages to be hidden behind a membership login, with the ability to assign a webpage to one or more membership levels. I would like forums in my free level, but also a forum in my premium membership level. Members should not have to login to the membership site and also the forum. It’s beyond what I know how to do so I need the forum software and someone to configure it. Make sense?

(Sarah Hawk) #41

It does.

We have that exact functionality here (using Paid Memberships Pro) and Discourse. We have the ability to display different WP content, different pricing, and different community content (and automatically sign people up to different priv levels) depending on their membership level.

You could do the same thing using any membership plugin, but the forum integration side of things would need to be handled by a developer. We used a team in India (more on that here). If you’re a RoR dev you could do it yourself.

I don’t know the finer details of Vanilla, but I’d bet that you’d need dev help if you went down that road too.