What's next for online communities?

(Jennifer Zowada) #1

IDC posted an article stating that by 2020 80% of Fortune 5000 companies will have an active customer community (up from 30% today) which initially sounds great for our job security but I’m curious to see what happens next? You can read the article here http://bit.ly/1rUKBUg

(rhogroupee) #2

Thanks so much for sharing that @Jennifer_Zowada! I think the next phase is helping all of those companies derive value from the customer communities. There will be many of them who simply rushed in with no strategy because it sounded cool. Hopefully the cmgrs of the world can help those communities become meaningful and successful.

(Sarah Hawk) #3

I was interested in the comment about ‘platform wars’.

Enterprise social networking platform wars will breed near-term customer frustration. By 2020, a handful of platform suppliers will connect disparate enterprise social networks.

(ellen lenihan flaherty) #4

@Hawk great catch! It’s like what Slack and Trello are trying to do in today’s world - and will eventually happen with social networking. Having all these disparate places to constantly keep up on (even with pings/notifications) will (and already is) maddening. I reckon a platform(s) that seamlessly manages all of it will be the winners of the day…

(Sarah Hawk) #5

Agreed! Although I do like the almost limitless scope for integration that Slack affords.