What Would You Like To See in FeverBee Experts (brainstorm with us!)

Hey folks,

As you might’ve noticed recently we’re in the early stages of revamping this community a little and I’d love to get your thoughts on what you want to see.

Last week I published a survey and the feedback was really interesting.

We seem to have two broad audiences.

  1. Enterprise community folks. These are those building a customer success/support/ideation effort on behalf of an organisation often using one of the big five enterprise platforms out there. They’re very interested in things like superusers, measurement, onboarding, increasing engagement etc.

  2. The ‘DIY folks’. These are generally those of you using inexpensive platforms to build your communities (FB Groups, WhatsApp, Slack etc. You folks have a smaller budget and are most interested in increasing engagement, creating a sense of community, retaining newcomers etc…A lot of non-profits are in this group.

There’s also a decent-sized people building internal communities too. But I don’t think we’re going to support that category as a priority yet.

Before we start making decisions about whom to support and why, I’d love your thoughts. What would your dream community look like? What should be in it? What purpose might it serve in your day?


@richard_millington thanks for sharing this. I would love to see a lot of discussions on DIY communities.

Community conceptualization, community engagement are topics I’m looking to learn from here


Community News and Trends - with data visuals (like your recent COVID report https://www.feverbee.com/covid-19-communities/) and links/sharing to resources (members could drive a lot of this) with discussion on how these have been useful to people

Community building resources - Lead content from Feverbee (https://www.feverbee.com/superusers/) with discussion off these on how people have used them, what’s missing, how they can be interpreted and used for different contexts/scenarios

Case studies - Lead content from Feverbee (https://www.feverbee.com/apple-community/) with deeper dives into communities and their teams - ability for members to share their case studies - discussion off the back of these

Q&A - current problems, challenges, successes community builders are experiencing and members chipping in to support


Hi @loneliestcabin - congrats on the new gig! :slight_smile:

Love all of these ideas.

One topic of discussion we’re having at the moment is whether members would be willing to openly share their templates, case studies, and tools they’re using. There’s definitely great value in it, but requires members to be willing to share their work.

What do you think? Would you be open to sharing some of the resources you use?

Thanks @richard_millington :blush:

For sure would be willing to share. Having others do the same has helped me immensely over the years.

Agree 100% with everything @loneliestcabin said :point_up:! About Community building resources, I believe many of us are willing to share our stuff because it’s a way to help others and also get feedback to improve those resources.

I quite like the idea of the community being a place to learn about and share tools, resources, and frameworks to build thriving communities.

Doesn’t quite match the survey results though and I’m nervous about creating a high-minded community if a lot of people simply want to increase their level of engagement :slight_smile:

Happy to welcome any thoughts here.

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Well I can only speak for myself, and partly others who manage large brand communities, but I’m not aware of anywhere that does a good job of pulling those resources together and offering the option to discuss, add and improve those resources.

I thought about this a bit yesterday, but personally I think your best assets are hard to find (some of those case studies and resources etc - I had to Google search to find them rather than browse), and then there are your regular blogs which are kinda separate too, all from this community.

I’d pull it all together and have the community around those resources, with the regularity of your blogging driving new traffic and discussion. This could simplify your life and keep the community ticking over.

The resources may not be added to very often, but most stand the test of the time, and the community may add to them. Certainly if it was easy to share links to other resources, podcasts and blogs and discuss them then that could drive some great varied discussion which would be meaningful and useful for CMs like me.


Thanks @loneliestcabin, very interesting!

I like the idea of discussing, adding, and improving resources. That’s actually kind of worked well before with the book.

How in your mind are you envisioning pulling it together? I can’t copy and lift the big resources into a Discourse post or enable Discourse comments on the resources hosted on Wordpress. I can make a list of them in the community - perhaps in a single pinned discussion - and then regularly invite feedback on them. That could be interesting. I could also let people request the kind of resources they want to see.

How would you like the sharing resources feature to work. It is possible to do now in Discourse (i.e. anyone can find a resource and share it) - but it’s not a natural thing to do in a discussion.

I am fascinated by John Hagel’s Creation Spaces concept of 5-15 trusted people working together on their process improvements an a regular basis and with that dramatically accelerate their learning.

To be able to share the current struggles freely, you need trust, aka you need private groups to develop that trust. Not sure whether something like that is happening here in the Accelerator Program, but 300+ members is already to big in my opinion.

John Hagel blogs about Creation Spaces

I write about it in Dynamic Ecosystems need Creation Spaces

I would like to see the ability to create/build/join a creation space for accelerated learning.


Yeah not sure on how Discourse works. But in general looking to pull together resources could be as simple as pinned posts and links as you say.

Definitely interested in what @finnern is saying. In the CMX community we often break off into smaller sub-groups to explore something in more depth.

Yeah, I like the idea of that.

I think we need a little more participation to make that viable in the short-term though.

I’m leaning towards a community concept that is about sharing resources, collaborating to create new resources, and getting feedback on what we’re working on.


Hey @richard_millington! Thanks for the ask.

I think community people can feel like they’re on an island a lot of the time. Which is maybe ironic.

But speaking for myself at least, I’ve sometimes had the feeling that few people at my company “get it”.

But I’m less looking for a place to commiserate and more for a place I can share my internal evangelism efforts, see what others are doing, and get/give advice on that challenge in particular. So much of a community’s success is how we manage the perceptions of our success.


Thanks Colin. Really interesting.

Do you have any frameworks or models you could share? I think that could be interesting and fits with what we’re contemplating here.

Honestly, I’m just winging it so far. I’m meeting with stakeholder groups to share the vision, hear their questions, feedback, and grow a list of needs/value points we can offer.

I’m also using those sessions to find the individuals who are most interested, and trying to keep them very in the loop, but it’s all off the top of my head.

Some thoughts, in no particular order:

  1. Even though I am squarely in the DIY category, I don’t actually think that the concepts and strategies for Enterprise is mutually exclusive from the DIY. Even though I’m absolutely interested in increasing emotional engagement and a sense of community, I also recognize the need to be more strategic with superusers, onboarding, statistics and everything else.

  2. I love your blog articles, but I wish there was a space or section to actually discuss, synthesize, and bounce related ideas around.

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Thanks Joel,

I actually used to share the blog articles in here. I think that feature is still there actually. But it wasn’t really used much so I removed it.

Yeah, the WP-discourse plugin has a global setting to share all posts as topics or you can use the per-post checkbox.

Same for me. I’m mainly here to look for resources and data. The links everyone shares but also the discussions between people where a lot of ideas are hidden.

I really like the ideas being discussed here at the moment.