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Some news about the FeverBee community.

FeverBee Experts began seven years ago as CommunityGeek - a Drupal-based community for academics and community practitioners to share learnings with one another.

The academic site never quite clicked, but the practitioner side did.

After a rebrand, a move to Discourse, and the recruitment of a fab community manager, the community grew steadily until mid-2017.

However, after our awesome community manager moved on, the community became neglected and participation has declined steadily over the years.

So I’d like to get your thoughts on some changes we have in mind.

Proposed Changes

There’s plenty of great places to talk community and we don’t want to copy them or add to the noise.

Our goal is to build a community where people can share their work, get feedback from others, and have the kinds of conversations you can’t have in public.

I’d like this to be a smaller, tighter, group where we expect everyone to be willing to speak openly and honestly, give feedback, and help one another achieve our community goals.

This would mean a few things:

  1. This community will become a private community where people can only join by invitation only.

  2. A rebrand from Experts to ALLIES - which better reflects our efforts. To be honest, Experts always felt a little snooty.

  3. Discourse will archive the old site and we’ll start afresh. You can still access all the current discussions in the same place, but we’ll have a new site and develop a unique experience.

  4. Participation is expected. There are some fab sites for people to lurk and learn. This won’t be one of them. If you’re a member, we’re going to ask you to participate or make way for someone who will.

Let me know your thoughts

We’re not planning on making changes for another couple of weeks, so please do give feedback in the meantime. We would love to hear from you and anything you have to add!


I would like to become an “awesome [online] community leader.” I’d be interested in participating in a Discourse-software-based online community that leads me through that learning and growth. :slight_smile:


Awesome news


Sounds good Rich. It’s really nice of you to ask the Community. But I don’t know of anyone else that knows more about Community than yourself! So I think whatever you decide it’s in good hands. I also completely and wholeheartedly understand the challenges of working on in-house projects over client work :slight_smile:


I’m one of those who used to go heavy on contribution and then disappear for an extended period of time - but the knowledge found in this community has been a great resource to me. I can’t commit to being an expert - but I’ll sign up to be an ally instead of a lurker - in whatever instance this ends up being!


Count me in as an Ally. I appreciate all of the sharing that has gone on in this community, and I love helping where I can.


I’m new to the community, but the proposed changes sound great to me!

Hope I get an invite :wink:


Excited to see where you take this and I look forward to contributing where I can :slightly_smiling_face:


I can put into words how much I love this.
There are indeed many useful resources out there, but sometimes I feel it would be good to have “a place” where I could share details of my work and get feedback from others to improve.
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Thanks for the feedback so far everyone.

Keep it coming. Really keen to get more ideas from what you want / you’re looking for.


Like others I am quite new to community engagement, but keen to learn more. We are a member based organisation and mine is a new role is around overall member engagement, something which has been neglected for a while now.

I have learnt a lot from this site and the community forum, but haven’t been very actively engaged so far as I am still implementing some quite basic elements, and haven’t been able to fully focus on the community side of things.

I hope to be able to contribute more in this space (or whatever comes next) when as our community develops but I have already found it extremely useful (even if I have been lurking a bit). One thing I am interested in is being able to share lessons we are learning along the way and to learn from practical examples of communities led by actual people in our space.

I have found the feverbee site as a whole really great whilst I have been getting to grips with launching our own community.

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Hi Matt,

Welcome to community engagement! We’re happy to have you here!

I’d love to learn what kind of lessons you would share. What has come to mind so far?

  • Rich
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Thanks RIch,

I guess there are two kinds of things that I have been most interested in learning about.

Firstly, the nitty-gritty practical stuff about actually managing a community, in terms of using the software (we opted to Discourse as well in our case), tips and tricks for effective moderation and on-boarding our members both in terms of a forum space, but more generally as a member organisation.

And secondly, the more general strategic work. So I have been working on developing our member engagement strategy (where previously none has existed), and am interested in learning from others who have gone through this process and produced something which can be referred to in the day-to-day as well as for longer term directional planning.

– Matt

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Rich, are you considering space to talk about and strategize on offline communities?

Implicitly, FeverBee (to me) has always been about online communities. And that’s great because I run one and am involved in many others.

I’d be more likely to contribute in a community that at least welcomes discussions about the flow from online to offline or elements of community that really only apply in-person.

Aw thanks. :heart:
I loved my time working in this community.


I can think of many people :slight_smile: , but thanks.

Thanks Kristen. Hope you’re doing well!

Thanks Matt. The strategic work and the onboarding we’ll almost certainly cover. The Discourse stuff is probably a better fit for the meta.discourse.org community. We don’t want to copy what they’re doing and we’re trying to stay platform agnostic here.

Quite possibly! I think we need to start thinking of them as one and the same.

:heart: seeing how much further you’ve gone since you went to Discourse :slight_smile:


I find being connected/active in communities antithetical to my personal approach to limiting online social media/ time online not connecting with people I know when I’m online… BUT, communities are some of the greatest sources of information in this increasingly distributed (information-wise) world.

I could commit to making quality engagements (questions or answers) once in a blue moon, or when prompted directly on an infrequent basis.

Appreciate you all building a mutually beneficial space!

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Hi @richard_millington, I’d love to be included. I build communities of practice and consultation communities to co-create governmental policy, but I focus on the framework and process for impactful engagement much more than the technology. The changes you propose could create a space where I can learn and improve the framework and also share my lessons.

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I’d love to be part of the new FeverBee Allies.

And thank you for maintaining this. The discussions here are a goldmine and you know so well how much I lurk here (except the past month when we’ve been having multiple of power interruptions here). Your data proves it. Haha!

Will there be weekly or monthly get togethers? Or other small events that would allow us to get to know each other and collaborate more?

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