What type of NDA do you sign with moderators and admins of your forum?


(Laleh moli) #1

We’d like to give some moderation access to some of our top users, the moderation is bound to access to other users data and information. The professional way would be to sign some NDA. but what type of terms and conditions are needed to write in the NDA?

have you seen any NDA samples good for communities?

it’s more like a legal question, but I’d be thankful if anyone shares experience regarding this.

(Richard Millington) #2

I wonder if this question is tricky to answer as people wouldn’t be willing to share NDAs by their nature.

I don’t think I’ve seen community members sign NDAs to be moderators in the past, I have seen it often used to get access to superuser programs. @HAWK might have come across a few examples in the superuser project.

I’ve come across a few in my book research, but not sure I can share it.

Anybody else?

(Luis Villa) #3

This is very specific to Wikipedia’s unusual situation, but their relevant agreement of this type is public.

Note that European organizations should almost certainly get strong legal advice from privacy counsel when dealing with this sort of thing. Americans may be able to get away with less.

(Sarah Hawk) #4

I didn’t, but I seem to sign them weekly in this job.

(Laleh moli) #5

Thanks :heart:, the Wikipedia sample helps. I assume that they don’t need any extra NDA for protecting users data and information.

For legal advice, are you talking about the disclosing party when setting the deal or the receiving one when signing it? It’s a very simple case (users of a forum), and we’d rather keep it more or less friendly but legal.

(Richard Millington) #6

I’d second that. We have very specific laws about what data can be kept, transferred, and otherwise accessed within the organization. I imagine having people in the USA accessing the data of people in Europe could be a problem. Shifting data from European to USA servers I think is also a challenge.

I’m completely with you on wanting to keep it friendly, but I’d probably try to get some legal advice on it.

Can make an introduction to our solicitors in the UK if you want? They’re not cheap, but they’re extremely good.

(Luis Villa) #7

That’s the primary one, I believe.

To give a bit more context, since it isn’t clear from that document: in the Wikipedia use case, volunteer moderators may have access to things like IP addresses. That document is agreed to by all such volunteers before they are granted access.

(Grain of salt: It has been 3+ years since that was my job, so my recollection is a bit fuzzy and procedures may have changed a bit since then.)

The disclosing party who grants data access (presumably the host of the forum). For example, you may have legal restrictions on who you can share user data with, which may either shape the nature of the NDA, or tell you that an NDA is insufficient.