What should default be for email notifications?


(Lora Cain) #1

Looking for recommendations on best default setting for email notifications after someone has posted a question. I think it should be each reply to their post --unless they change it to a digest.

I’m being presented with one default option only which is to send them a daily digest even if it’s a question they posted. My users are accustomed to immediate email replies to questions.

(Piper_Wilson) #2

Whether your users are accustomed to immediate responses or not, do they prefer them? I think that’s the key.

If they like that type of notification, can you change the default? If you can’t, maybe the whole point is moot?

(Jess Burnham) #3

Is there a way for your users to customize their own notification settings? In my experience, when members signs up for our community, they’re given default notification settings – but they tend to be a bit invasive and irrelevant so they will trim some of the fat and subscribe to only particular categories.

I guess it would also depend on the urgency of the questions asked as well.

(Richard Millington) #4

What software are you using for that? Seems odd.

I think the standard is weekly digests w/ immediate one-time notifications in response to discussions and the ability to customize as members see fit.

(Jason Hill) #5

I would expect that most users don’t want an email notification of each reply unless they are specifically mentioned. So I would recommend a daily digest with immediate only for username mentions like this @loracain.