What Should A Brand Community Ultimately Become?

(Richard Millington) #1


At its most successful, what is your brand community going to become?

Think bigger than you do today. Think about the ultimate role it’s going to play in the lives of
your members. Think about the number of people it’s going to serve. Think about the different ways it’s going to help your organization.

Don’t be afraid to be incredibly ambitious. Ambition can mean different things

It can mean doubling down on what you have, it can mean expansion, it can mean entirely rethinking what community is to your organization.

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(Mark Schwanke) #2

It can be a way to build brand out the backdoor. A way to conserve marketing dollars and build longtime customers. Build a great service and have a cool product to go with and you’ll kill it. Put all your money into marketing a crappy product and disregard support and service and you’ll bleed money.