What’s Most Likely To Kill Your Online Community?

(Richard Millington) #1
Originally published at: <strong>https://www.feverbee.com/killyourcommunity/</strong><br><br>You know the saying, first they ignore you...

There are relatively fixed stages of doom for most communities.

  1. You don’t notice the new trend (a shift to new technology, member launching a rival community, decline in topic popularity, collapse in internal support).

  2. You ignore or dismiss the trend (“it’s a fad”, “he doesn’t have the support”, “our topic is strong” or “Mr. Smith has our back”).

  3. You fight against the trend. You persuade people your technology is better, you attack your rival, you try to promote the topic, or you try to gain internal support. But it’s usually too late.

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(Piper_Wilson) #2

Interesting. Change in and of itself is hard and, when one is invested in a path, it’s easy to convince oneself that this way is the right way.

This is definitely something I struggle with. Thank you.