What rules does the community have?

I’m new here hence i want to know if there is any rules that needed to be followed in this community. Is there any consequences for breaking the rules?

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You can find them at: https://experts.feverbee.com/tos

If you break the rules you’ll be contacted with a warning. In an extreme case you may be banned but in the many years that I managed this place, I don’t think I ever banned anyone.

Temporary suspensions are more likely than an outright ban.

Moderators can temporarily suspend:

  • anyone posting in a heated topic
  • a user

I think its super fascinating that some members would ask about the rules first.

It’s like a hidden barrier of attempting to join a new group. What are the expectations? The rules? And more importantly, the unspoken rules?

I also wonder how many users were turned off from speaking because they didn’t know the rules. And I wonder how many of the existing & participating users actually bothered to investigate or find the rules (Ill admit that I never, because most community rules - especially ones in professional CoP - are so generic that they overlap with normal societal decorum.)

It is worth checking:

  • Across cultures
  • If you’ve been banned before

It’s very easy to breach rules based on cultural sensitivities and differences.

I have a lot of compassion for people whose first language is not English. My first language is English so you would think it is easy to be in a UK forum. But it is not. There are all sorts of subtle differences that have developed since my ancestors left the UK 150+ years ago.

Also, several times in forums I have broken rules over matters of interpretation such as what information or comments would be considered private or personal.