What platforms are available for $100 per month?


(Chris Ward) #1

Hi. First post, and first question. I’ve researched various community platforms and most are outside my budget of $100/month. I’m looking for a q & a and support community for my prospective clients/customers. Must include library capacity for storing useful guidance and discussion/chats, searchability and part free and part payment areas in the community. Any reviews you may have to help me narrow the field will be great thank you.

What would help you build a more successful community today?
(Richard Millington) #2

Hi @chris

I moved this into its own topic.

At the $100/month mark, you’re probably going to struggle to find everything you want.

Do you have a developer in-house?

I think we’re paying $220 per month for Discourse (although cheaper packages are available).

The cheap platforms like Ning and co, have generally died these days. Maybe check out MightyBell ?

(Adrian Speyer) #3

If you have the some technical skill, you could roll a combo of WordPress with a membership plugin and Vanilla Forums open source – In full disclosure I work there…

Nonetheless, we do meet the requirements. There is a Q & A plugin, and you can restrict content based on what membership level people have on your WordPress site.

It will be tough if you have no technical/developer on staff to assist with setup at that price point.

Hope that helps.

(Bas van Leeuwen) #4

You could reach out to @Jay_Pfaffman at https://www.literatecomputing.com/product/discourse-install/

One time $99 fee to setup a discourse server at Digital Ocean, that should run you about $20 per month. Leaves a tiny bit of money to hire some people to help out :slight_smile: