What percentage of your community visits are from mobile devices?

I was wondering what percentage of different types of communities are from mobile vs desktop and tablet.

41% mobile users: 59% desktop/tablet users.

I have a private, invite-only community running on Discourse which has default reports for mobile and total visitors by unique device per day. My stats will include me once each day for mobile and twice for desktop and tablet. So desktop will be overweighted in my case.

I don’t run Google Analytics which would be another way to find this.

You should be aware that the boundary is somewhat fluid because it is difficult to fully distinguish between tablet and mobile whether checking the user agent, detecting screen-width, using CSS media queries, or whatever. Some users will appear to be on a mobile device by forcing the use of mobile view on desktop monitor e.g. to display more text.

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My site is public. The latest quarter, rounding off decimal points, is 60% mobile/35% computer/5% tablet.

Interestingly, tablets were about 8% for 2019, so at 5% that more than a 1/3 drop in tablet use. The other devices were slightly higher to make up for it.


These are very interesting answers. Thanks so much for sharing @remah and @stevencyrkin.

I asked the same question in other communities as well and the answers are very sparse. I’m sharing it here as well for reference (Each bullet point is from a different community manager):

  • On last 3 communities it was 4% or less on mobile.
  • About 12-15% up from 8-9% a couple of years ago.
  • A developer community with less than 10% mobile traffic.
  • Most communities have 40-50% mobile traffic.
  • 80% mobile traffic
  • Around 40% overall
  • +60% for the consumer-focussed communities and lower numbers for internal communities.
  • A tad over 50% for a brand community.
  • 10% mobile. A community of IT admins and devs
  • 30% for a business community

I’m wondering if the reason behind the big difference in answers is only the target audience or the community platform plays a big role as well.

Communities where members mostly use it while at work are probably more likely to access it on a PC.

All but a few pages of the site are public besides the profiles of members who don’t want theirs publicly available. More than 96% of our visitors are not members. They don’t need to join unless they want to ask questions or join the conversation. That could figure into mobile use. But some people log in on PCs and mobile, so that figures into the mix too.

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Exactly. I run 3 communities with the same software behind it. Two are business-orientated and are used on desktop computers during business hours, one is about a hobby and the vast majority use mobile devices. So very different stats, but the software can’t be a deciding factor since it is the same.
It goes without saying that the software becomes relevant when it is not optimized for mobile. Then Google will just demote it.