What moderation stats do you monitor?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

I’m designing a moderation dashboard (for Discourse but you don’t have to be a Discourse user to contribute thoughts here) and I’m interested in what kind of information you monitor or would like to see if you were to use this dashboard. The idea is to provide an overview of how much/what type of moderation is occurring, what parts of the community require more moderation, which moderators are doing what.

So far I’ve included a table of flagged topics and their resolution details (with the ability to group by moderator or category/sub-forum), edits made, users blocked/banned/suspended, and moderator time spent online.

What other information is useful to know either for moderators, community leads or strategists?

(southpaw) #2


We’re interested in seeing who is marking questions/problems as solved, moving topics from category to category, and editing titles.
We can see some of that with queries from the Data Explorer plugin, but would love to have the info available on a dashboard!

(outofthebox) #3

Hi @Hawk,

Great idea; I’m encouraged to hear about this. As a follow-up project, what about a dashboard FOR moderators? (This may already exist in Discourse?). Perhaps this can be a variant of the dashboard ABOUT moderators, and the admin can check which parts of the dashboard to make visible to the moderator team. Another way to empower community leaders to do what they are passionate about (and/or paid to do).

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Yup, that’s on the list for next.