What metrics do you use most on Vanilla?

(Kate Ambash) #1

Hoping other users on Vanilla platform can share the most valuable metrics they are using. Vanilla just rolled out a new dashboard. The metrics aren’t as robust as what I really liked with GetSat, so I have to push for internal resources to use the API to measure what I really want:

  1. posts per user
  2. liked posts per user
  3. top posters over x period of time

Thanks in advance!

(Andrew Youderian) #2

Our top metric we track is the number of new members who are on our “Leaderboard” each month. Our leaderboard is the top 10 people who have made the most valuable contributions (measured by upvotes) for the month. To me, bringing in new members who meaningfully contribute is the #1 most important thing we want to focus on so this is our top metric.

A few of our other metrics we track monthly are:

  • Avg # of likes received
  • Avg # of comments made
  • Overall comments
  • Overall new discussions
  • Unique # of visitors who visit the forum
  • Avg time on site

(Kate Ambash) #3

Thanks for your thoughts! What do you use for leaderboard? What is the metric called in Vanilla? Top commenter?
Also, do you rely entirely on the Vanilla dash, or do you pull data from API?

(Andrew Youderian) #4

Vanilla actually has a built-in leaderboard. It’s a widget you can embed on the side of your forum when you’re customizing your theme. Not 100% sure how to do it without digging into the code, but if you contact Vanilla support they will tell you. It’s pretty easy and you can just use a shortcode (like [leaderboard_month] ) to activate it.

We rely on the Vanilla dash and also pull some of our metrics. I have a VA put them together manually but we’re moving to get an API solution setup to automate it.

Hope this helps!

(Kate Ambash) #5

Awesome, thanks for the info.