What kind of data do you look for in your Community?


(Jess Burnham) #1

One of our Data Scientists approached me recently asking if I’d be interested in having some Data Science students mining our Community posts via machine learning techniques to try to see patterns and learn things about our customers. This is a really awesome opportunity, but we already have insight through Google Analytics into Traffic Source (how they landed on our Community), Most Consumed Content (which posts are most popular), Number of New Users etc. etc.

I’m wondering - what type of information do you think I should ask them to look for, that GA doesn’t already allow us to see?

Thanks in advance!

(Sarah Hawk) #2

This is SUCH an awesome opportunity.

@richard_millington gets pretty excited about this sort of stuff – no doubt he’ll have suggestions.

(Katie Paffhouse Bussey) #3

I have always wanted to see how segments of members consume content differently. For instance, do more experienced folks from a part of the country act differently than newbies? It’s a slippery slope but could really help with targeted marketing and discussion planning.

AND, if they have some time, it would be awesome to gather data on indicators of someone becoming a top contributor. E.g. How they act up to the point they contribute a lot.

Goodness, I am a data geek and could keep at this all day! Would love to hear what you decide!

(Nikoletta Harrold) #4

OMG there is so much GA and other analytics tools can’t give you. It is my first time to have a Data science team at my company and I am already planning utopia. My top asks will be:

  • ROI on community investments

  • Sentiment analysis of the conversations

  • Community member profiling and social media influencer identification

there is so much to learn that CM’s just never have time to dig into. Let your mind wander…

(Jess Burnham) #5

Wow!! @Nikoletta_Harrold and @Katie_Paffhouse_Buss I haven’t closed this tab since yesterday and I’m just about to jump into a meeting but I’m reading (and loving) all of this.

Will respond shortly (probably with questions)…

Stay tuned!

(Sarah Hawk) #6

I’d be interested in seeing lurker patterns.

Are there people that come every day and read each new post but have never engaged? Or do those people come and search for specific info when they have a question? Do they lurk because they don’t feel comfortable engaging, or because there is enough accessible information so they don’t have to.

(Jess Burnham) #7

This is exactly what I had in mind, we have a group of “Experts” that we’ve promoted from within the Community to act as moderators and help educate other Community members. It would be awesome to expand our group of Experts to accomodate more time zones and allow a bit more bandwidth to the group so that none of them feel chained to the Community.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the type of information that we end up getting, to satisfy all the data geeks out there :slight_smile: thanks for your input!!

(Sarah Hawk) #8

I’m currently writing up a study on superuser/volunteer programs which will likely be useful. I’ll ping you when it’s finished.

(Frank Field) #9

At the risk of adding to a thread that may have run its course, I’ll chime in.

My community has a built-in measurement tool for things like the amount and types of content, the number of users and their activity.

And we also have an add-on called “Resonata,” that is supposed to measure “sentiment.” Honestly, I find the tool so opaque (not only does the UI stink, I don’t have visibility to what determines the sentiment is positive or negative), that I don’t feel I should trust the tool. But I’d LIKE to know the sentiment of specific content.

I would really love to know specifically what a particular user does in a given month, what they look at, like/dislike, share, vote in…I’d like to know this info by member type, location, which of my company’s products they use.

I “could” find out all this if I knew how to use the API that my platform has available. I’m not a dev, I don’t know how, and even if I did, I could literally spend all my time looking up that stuff and not administering my community. So, you have an amazing opportunity offered to you! I hope you get good stuff!

(Jess Burnham) #10

Thanks for chiming into this, Frank!

Sentiment would be an extremely useful analytic to track, but I can understand how it might be a bit cryptic.

^That’s pretty much exactly what we’re going to try to find out. I’m definitely not an expert in mining a Community for data, so I’m going to leave it to the experts. Also, to Sarah’s point, I’m curious to learn about lurker patterns. On average, our posts will get thousands of views and maybe 10 comments, so I’d love to know if it’s because each user got what they needed without feeling the need to engage, or if they were unable to find what they needed, or, worst of all, weren’t comfortable enough to chime in! But, if that’s the case, it will be my job to find out how to break that barrier down.

Thanks again for your input, Frank! :relaxed:

(Frank Field) #11

Lurkers are an interesting lot. I have literally tens of thousands of them based on GA numbers vs. the activity levels and membership numbers I see.
Have a chat with your tech buys offering to help to ensure that they know you want to track those folks. There are ways to do it. For example, if your company has Marketo, that product can put a “munchkin” I think it’s called that provides data on who in marketo is doing what in your community. I’m actually trying to get that data at my own employer. If you can find out where people go after they view a page, but don’t interact, you might find some answers you seek.
Please come back and post when your tech solution is in place. I’d love to know what they did for you technically, how you access the data and some insights you learn. Maybe that can be reproduced by other FeverBee members.

(Frank Field) #12

Side question: What platform is your community on? Is that a salesforce community?

(Jess Burnham) #13

Hey Frank,

Our product is a landing page builder for marketing campaigns, and it integrates with Marketo, so we’ve got a close relationship but would probably not use that kind of lead tracking in our Community as far as I know.

I will definitely update here when we confirm a strategy, and the outcome of said strategy. Right now it’s in the hands of our Data Scientist overlords. [quote=“ffield, post:12, topic:4683, full:true”]
Side question: What platform is your community on? Is that a salesforce community?

We use Discourse! Which is coincidentally the same platform that Feverbee uses. We LOVE it! :heart_eyes: