What is your Growth Strategy for your community as you look at 2017?


(Chris Detzel) #1

I’ve been asked to look at four new capabilities or strategies I’m going to drive the biggest growth for our community in 2017. I’m looking for some growth ideas. This year we focused implementing our community in three countries. The community is customer facing. Also we are focused on driving people to our website through the community. We should hit over 1000 overall community members by the end of this year with maybe 100 active customers and employees. I would like to expand the community to at least two more countries. I need help in some growth strategies with existing countries, and some possible new features that I can add to the community for 2017.

2016 Features and Accomplishments for [The Grid] (http://thegrid.rexel.com) an electricain forum (Telligent Community)

  • We have expanded into three countries, France, Germany and North America. Adding the language pack ourselves was a huge effort (German and French). We had to hire a 3rd party to add 20k lines of language for the customer facing areas of The Grid. We still do not have the backend of the language done, as this is not a huge priority.

  • Single Sign On (SSO) for Germany - Our eCommerce sites are completely different from our Community site. We spent a lot of this year figuring out how a customer can use their eCommerce login credentials for the Community. We are almost done with this effort. Germany technically launches The Grid in November. Integration pieces are happening as well. For example, there will be links on the eCommerce site linking to The Grid in various areas. This effort in Germany is crucial as we move into other countries. We believe that this will add new customer logins.

  • More content on the community for SEO. We have continuously added content and will obviously keep going with this. We rely specifically on our experts to ask questions and also answer questions. We are a big company and asking employees to add this information is easy, but getting them to add it, is difficult. We don’t have an internal or external rewards or recognition program, but is something we are thinking about, something we add for 2017.

These are some of the big things we have done this year. There are several items that I didn’t add, since it would take forever to type it all out.

2017 Potential Capabilities and Strategy

  • Launch in three new countries - work on translations, help country with activation plans, add content, market the community, integrate community to the eCommerce sites, make sure SSO works properly, etc…

  • Make sure the countries that already launched are humming along. (Community manager for the countries are pushing engagement, getting new customers, linking products to posts that are relevant to the questions being asked)

  • Come up with a Rewards and Recognition plan that is internal and external.

What am I missing? What other things should I be thinking about. I look forward to some thoughts!

Supplier / Manufacture Strategy
(Sarah Hawk) #2

I pulled together some of our growth resources into one place a while back - Online Community Growth

Can you give a brief rundown of what features the community currently has to give context for people that aren’t familiar with your work?

(Chris Detzel) #3

@HAWK I just added come more context. I hope that helps!

(Sarah Hawk) #4

I’m interested in this @Chris_Detzel
Have you made any progress with the planning? What are you trying to achieve with the program?

(Chris Detzel) #5

I’m having technical difficulties with it right now, but hopefully by the end of the month. I will have a monthly leaderboard, then I would like to have 4 specific, or more later, badges that, as customers and employees add content, get them to another level. This is just a first phase, but believe that we can get them excitied about contributing.
My number one goal is to users in a competitive spirit to write good content and contribute more

(Chris Detzel) #6

I put this on hold, but I need to still do something, even if it’s on a small level. More to come

(Chris Detzel) #7

This is now done. Single Sign On from the eCommerce site is a success. Success is defined as, for now, “it freaking works”. We completed this in November of 201. This one success will allow us move to other countries that use the same platform for other countries. We are moving the SSO capability to France, then Canada. France is almost complete, and Canada will be complete in June timeframe.