What is the best way for allowing community founders to provide feedback on the community MVP?

(Gina Tyree) #1

I am at a point where we are about to push our community MVP to prod and have our 15 internal community founders begin participating on the site. I’m wondering if it’s common for folks to use the community itself as a place for feedback about the community or if there are reasons why that may not be ideal. I know there is a Forum Support category here on FeverBee, but feedback on an MVP seems different enough to warrant a second thought as to where it belongs. Perhaps I should keep feedback completely separate from the community?

Editing this post to see what it looks like afterward.

(Sarah Hawk) #2

It’s fairly common practice to have a Meta category for feedback about the community.

I agree with you on MVP feedback being different, but assuming you don’t include activity in that category in your reporting, then I think it makes sense to keep your members onsite, both for their own convenience and to assist in building a habit.

(Gina Tyree) #3

Thanks @HAWK! So it sounds like feedback on our crappy MVP would persist even once the community has reached rock star status? :grin: And it’s fairly common not to worry about that?

(Sarah Hawk) #4

Not necessarily. I think at the point that you’ve made all the changes that you’re prepared to make, it is legitimate to archive the category* (and keep a general one for ongoing meta feedback). That adds weight to the argument of having a separate MVP one, rather than lumping it in with general forum support and feedback.

* I’ve never actually done this, so I’m speaking theoretically and you’d need to make the decision based on the circumstances at the time.

(Gina Tyree) #5

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks Sarah!

(Nick Emmett) #6

Can I check in with what MVP stands for? In my world it’s Most Valuable Player, Salesforce names it’s official ambassadors this - I’m not sure this fits with what you guys are talking about :slight_smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #7

Stolen straight from a strategy doc that @Todd_Nilson and I recently put together:

…Minimally Viable Product (MVP) at the outset, to be built upon as progress towards the business goals and a Return on Investment (ROI) is achieved. An MVP is commonly misunderstood as a barebones product but even an MVP absolutely must appeal to a core audience, and that must meet the minimum expectations for a product (or in this case a community) of this type. Such an MVP must include includes several delighters, unexpected boons or attractive features (in the Kano Model) that will help solidify enthusiasm for the community.

(Todd Nilson) #8

To be honest, I think that the more common term is Minimum Viable Product but I have heard many people use “Minimally” interchangeably. I suppose this means I am trolling myself!

(Gear Buzz) #9

Members only support, complaints and suggestions area

We don’t want to “entertain” non members with our complaints / tech problems.

(Sarah Hawk) #10

How can non-members even comment?

(Kristen Gastaldo) #11

We’ve got a “Community Feedback” category in our “About this Community” help section. Especially during beta, we’ll need a place for members to provide feedback on how we’ve designed the space, as well as any issues they have navigating, posting, etc.

We could archive after beta, but we have the ability to mark posts as “outdated” which we may do and just keep the category open for ongoing issues.