What is stressing you out at the moment?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Full disclosure: I stole this topic idea from @Evan_Hamilton and it’s a bit different from our usual types of discussions but but I think it’s a powerful and valuable one so I wanted to discuss it here.

Evan conceived of the topic off the back of a post about mental health in communities. The idea is to create a safe space to vent about anything that is stressing or concerning you at the moment.

It’s timely for me. I’m stressed about finding and refining a strong value proposition here at Experts. The behaviours here are healthy and sustained, but growth has plateaued so I need to figure out what I can offer that makes us stand apart from other community communities.

What is causing you stress at the moment?

(Suzi Nelson) #2

At the moment I am amazing at how regular-life stress can bleed over into work-life stress… especially when your job is dealing with other people. Ugh. People can be the worst.

If I can help brainstorm to ease your stress… personally the biggest value I find in this group is access to community professionals (thats always a big selling point - access to people who know more than you!) Building authority is the name of the game. :smiley:

(Sarah Hawk) #3

I hear you. I have to remind myself not to snap at my kids when something at work is bothering me, and by the same token I have to make sure I remain upbeat and professional for work calls even though there are things going on at home. I think we have to remind ourselves that we’re people and we all have the same kinds of problems.