What impacts have you observed due to Covid, if any?

Have you observed any changes in activity and engagement in your community that you can tie to the pandemic? We’ve seen a decrease in activity over the last couple of months - but we generally get a slowdown with the northern hemisphere summer holidays. This year’s dip seems to be a little larger than last year. I don’t have direct evidence to make the correlation, so I’m just wondering what everyone else has observed. Thanks!

Hi Christina - I’m interested in this as well.

Our community initially had a big increase in engagement, particularly in the number of responses each topic had but also in likes. We’ve seen a reduction in activity since April, but that coincided with a significant change to the look and behaviour of the forums, so I’m interested to see what others have experienced.

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Short answer: Yes, we had an increase in engagement and newcomers maybe due to an increase in the need for our freelancing community when right now many have lost their job or are having difficulty getting a job.

In one of the paid communities I’m in, we had the biggest number of enrollees compared to the past 7 launches over the past 2 years. Last June (batch 8), we had nearly 1400 new enrollees. Our community was built around a course on how to do online freelancing. Due to the pandemic, many lost their jobs and many newly-grads are having difficulty finding a job which would probably be why we had an increase number of enrollees. Batch 7 opened shortly before that in March, and only 70+ people joined. Community quarantine here in the Philippines didn’t start until April.

With an increase in new community members, our founder had to add in more coaches and leaders who are tasked to guide the newcomers. These coaches and leaders are considered the superusers and are appointed to help their respective sub-community to learn and apply the course teachings. We now have 12 coaches and around 120 leaders to help around.


Great question and interesting. We are seeing an increase in engagement in our community and knowledge base. (you can ask questions on article thus becomes like an online forum there as well).

However we have worked very actively to connect digitally with the community, having different challenges “competition” with videos to meet the community, highlighting people more, which is something we have note done before. So this might have contribute to an increase.

Our community is closed, hence you need to log in, therefore users come with a clear purpose as well, but before Covid they mainly read and now they comment as well!

Other than that we have an extreme increase in page views and visitors in Google Analytics, however this we trace back to our employees working from home and therefore are registered as unique visitors which increase the numbers.

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