What events do you run in your community?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

I was talking with @Jennifer_Zowada earlier community events. Jennifer developed an Ask the Experts series with IBM that was a huge success.

I run something similar at UXMastery called Ask the UXperts (we run them using Slack) and they are also really well attended (and result in great content for the community).

I’m really keen to hear what kinds of events others have tried and what kind of success you saw.

@HelenSilby I know you’ve recently organised an event for your brand. Have you got any insights to share?

(Nick Emmett) #2

This is a topic I’m pretty interested in - I’ve been thinking about ways to do an Ask Me anything (AMA) style chat in our Community - how do you handle this? what’s the format?

(Sarah Hawk) #3

I’ve tried many formats over the years – running them on the forums (failed due to the time taken to respond and constantly having to refresh the page), using a Campfire chatroom (worked ok but is a bit cumbersome, using a bespoke platform (worked well but cost lots to develop), and now finally using Slack, which has been a huge success.

We use our public Slack and open a dedicated channel for each new chat, so that they’re easy to find.
This is the info sheet that I give to the experts: ATU - Important tips for guest hosts.pdf (171.6 KB)

I’d love to hear how others do it.

(Helen Silby) #4

Hi @Jennifer_Zowada (thanks @HAWK) I set up an event in New York for a competition we ran targeted for University Students using our M&A Game app that we created. It was the first competition of it’s kind we’ve ever done, so being the great unknown in the U.S. (we’re an Aussie tech company) it was a new experience to set up an event targeted not to our clients, but to students who one day are likely to become a prospect.

They alone are a community for us, students who are at the very beginning of the ‘customer’ journey, building brand awareness early on.

Things I learnt and what could have been done better - having regular communication with our SEO experts to make sure they can capitalise and align with what you’re trying to do when advertising the event (assuming you want the maximum amount of coverage/registrations) and to make sure your partners for the event (in this situation it was our PR, and the universities themselves) know what the purpose is and you’re on the same page all working towards the same goal.

It also helps to get the press involved, the winners of our competition were all from Boston, so the Boston Globe reported on it.

(Jennifer Zowada) #5

Sounds like it was a great success @HelenSilby! Thanks for sharing.

(Doug Agee) #6

I like that event format @HAWK. Do you mind sharing a little more on the strategy of the events? It looks like you run them about every two weeks, but do you offer them based on other monthly themes or something else. I can’t help but wonder if timing helps with the success.

I could see us offering Ask The Expert events based on seasonal and annual events in our organization. This would be great for helping chapters with questions about our annual grant application process. And, we are already using Slack.

Thanks for sharing the document too.

(Sarah Hawk) #7

We run them every 2-3 weeks and we alternate Ask the UXperts and Ask Me Anything sessions.

The AMAs are based on the type of content that is popular with the community at the time (eg: we’ve had lots of questions about UX apprenticeships/internships lately so the session next week is a community member that has been down that journey).

The topics of the ATUs tend to be driven by the experts themselves (who are influencers/authors/speakers within the UX world). This means that we get a varied audience – it’s not the same people every time.

Another thing that I do is try to mix up the session times so that people in different timezones all get a chance.

(Doug Agee) #8

Brilliant @HAWK. Thanks for adding value to our community.