What does the perfect welcome message look like?

Hello Everyone,

We are looking to create a better experience for new members who join the FeverBee Community. With this goal in mind, we are looking to streamline the message that they first see, which will be visible under the “Profile” icon under a section named “Greetings”. Given, this will be the very first touchpoint with a new member, we are looking to tweak the message to read as below:

Please let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions or inputs, don’t hesitate to comment or reach out.

Welcome to the FeverBee Community!

At FeverBee, we enable you to share and create resources that anyone managing or building a community will ever need! You can use the community in many ways–Want some feedback on something you are working on? Want to discuss something that’s happening in your community? Just share and you will hear from our awesome members across the globe!

So, let’s get started by completing your Profile. We would love to know more about you, help you make meaningful connections, and point you in the direction of the resources you need so, please complete this quick Onboarding form here!

If you have some questions, suggestions, or feedback about the community, you can private message Rich here.

If you’d like to learn about community management, we just launched our Accelerator Program. Take a look at the curriculum here.

You can join the discussions happening in the community here. If you’d like to learn more, select below and bookmark this personal message . If you do, there may be a :gift: in your future!

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Forgot to make an introduction here.

@aniharish has recently come onboard with @veratiago to help develop our community here at FeverBee Experts.

We’re keen to turn this into a place where we can collaborate to create resources and since we’re revamping some of our processes here, we would be curious about what the perfect welcome message would look like to you?

What has made you take action in the past?


Thanks, @aniharish for starting the conversation and @richard_millington for the introduction.

While searching for the topic “Community Welcome Message” I found a few articles stating Nextdoor as a good example, so I decided to post it here for discussion.


I don’t use Nextdoor, but here is what I most like about it:

  • It highlights the value provided
  • The list of CTA’s is very well organized (it shows three ways that a new member can contribute)
  • It has some numbers/data which makes it compelling

I like the way it is organized. Thanks for sharing @vera.

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I was going through some welcome messages for different communities and found this one for OCULUS good. It’s long and has a few more CTA’s than you can think, but lets every member know what they can get:

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You should probably specify what they’ll learn more about (how to use Discourse), otherwise the next steps here are going to be a bit unexpected.

@HAWK Thak you. That is a good suggestion and we will take a note of that as we continue to get more feedback.

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