What does it take to maintain a self-supported Discourse community?

(Duncan Field) #1

Hello everyone,

I’m looking at the options for managing a Discourse platform, and I want to know what maintaining a self-supported Discourse community takes in terms of expertise and time:

Unfortunately, none of these plans fit my budget?
Good news! Discourse is, and will always be, 100% free and open source software. For a flat one-time fee of $99, the community can install Discourse in the cloud for you. Please note that a $10/month hosting fee is still payable to the cloud provider (Digital Ocean), and that this option is completely self-support after the initial install. Click here to purchase a self-supported community install.

I’m trying to navigate some competing interests - limiting monthly costs in terms (do we get them to host it?) and maintaining good service (we have limited IT support availability, and I have little expertise). Is this the more involved part of the process? How difficult is it to develop these skills?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Given your limited technical expertise and support, I’d strongly recommend going down the hosted route. Assuming you don’t have a huge community, discoursehosting.com have very reasonable prices (starting at $20 p.month). I have a community hosted with them and the service is pretty good. The only real limitations are on plugins (you are very limited as to what you can install).

They don’t update as quickly as discourse.org but the service is stable.

I’ll tag in a few other people that might be able to offer more info around self-hosting (my experience down that road was bad, but it was a huge community and we customised it too heavily to sustain).

(Nick Ivanter) #3

I self-host our community at DigitalOcean and it comes to $20/month too. Self-hosting isn’t very difficult but you do need to have an inclination to be a Linux system administrator (or someone who will be doing this for you). I like this and like begin in control and it’s working well for me.

(James McMahon) #4

If you’re not technical and/or would like to use your time and resources elsewhere id recommend go with discourse hosting or a Digital Ocean droplet.

They are both well known, familiar with the software although it’s requirements seem high (ideally 2gb of ram) it runs very well and will serve many community members with ease in that config.

So don’t over think it (I can do that for everyone) and run with one of those two options.