What do you wish you could change about the design of your platform?

(Sarah Hawk) #1

Hey all,
I’m doing some research for a conference talk later this year and I could use some input. The working title is ‘How to hack the most common design problems in community platforms’.

What I’d love to find out is what aspects of your platform (and you don’t have to name it) you aren’t able to easily customise and why you’d like to.

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(Caroline Sekar) #2

Oh fun! So many things… here’s a not-organized-at-all-top-of-my-mind list!

  • Our platform doesn’t, by default, have different views of the home page for logged-in and not-logged-in users. And it’s kind of a pain to implement that.
  • I love some of the little icons & indicators they’ve added in Facebook groups to show things like “new member”, “conversation starter.” Would like to leverage some of these sorts of indicators in our community.
  • Also in Facebook groups, I like the implementation of threaded replies and how they collapse and expand. Our community’s display of threaded replies is… not threaded (you can reply to replies, but it doesn’t display as such)
  • Our community platform shows its age in a few areas: user settings and “options” on threads (e.g. subscribe, ‘pin’) are particularly old-school looking & not user-friendly.
  • Permissions are such a mess behind-the-scenes. Managing them is a huge headache.

… and a bunch more stuff, but I’m out of time! I hope this is helpful / that it’s along the lines of what you were looking for.