What do you name your Off-Topic.... and On-Topic areas of your community?

(Mark Schwanke) #1

I manage two communities related to smoking cessation. One is well established and the other is in its infancy.

The one in its infancy has been in a Beta for a while and has a General (On-Topic) area. To complement it, I’ve created an Off-Topic area as well. Any thoughts on naming conventions? “General” just doesn’t sit well with me for the On-Topic area. Off-Topic is fine but I’d like it to somehow fit with whatever I change General to for On-Topic.

Would love to hear your thoughts!


(Travis King) #2

Good question Mark and one I’ve thought about myself. We went with “hangout” for our community but I don’t think it’s perfect…but then again there’s probably no perfect answer :slight_smile:

I think looking for a term that fits with your community that doesn’t require any explanation as to what the area is about is probably best.

(ForumSentinel) #3

Well for us, ours is the MISC (for miscellaneous) which has become our most popular and well-known section and users have created their own logo and swag.

Personally I’ve always liked creative nods to the community theme (e.g. a forum about coffee would have their off-topic area called The Lounge, or a sports community with a Locker Room, etc).

(Mark Schwanke) #4

@Travis @ForumSentinel Thanks for the replies. Yes I was trying to think of something that is relate-able to the community.

(Alessio Fattorini) #5

We use “Chat” category :slight_smile: it’s simple and effective

(Joe Velez) #6

we use Breakroom for our off-topic section (site is for nurses)

we use hangout for Staff Hangout and Guides Hangout (staff and volunteers)

(Nick Emmett) #7

It’s as shame your communities are about stopping smoking - you could have gone with The Bike Shed!

Did you decide on where to go with this one @MarkSchwanke?

(Mark Schwanke) #8


Haven’t named the on topic or off topic areas yet. Still thinking about it and will probably give the community some opportunity to help decide from a curated list.