What do we call this?

(Bas van Leeuwen) #1

So, we used to call this place Community Geek or CGeek.

Now we are Feverbee experts? FExperts? FE?

I’m confused :confused: please @HAWK can you bring salvation from this?

(Sarah Hawk) #2

Hey Bas,
Good question. :smiley:

Yes, we’ve retired the CommunityGeek brand and moved it under the FeverBee one. We were struggling with a new name – Experts sometimes makes people uncomfortable – but we’ve come up with one and will be changing the labelling soon. Henceforth this place will be known as the Growth Club.

(Richard Millington) #3

Hey @Bas_van_Leeuwen

As @HAWK says we’re navigating our way through a transitional spell of a few weeks at the moment. Part of this was my own demand a few weeks ago to ‘just launch the freaking site’ - so at least it’s live and we can start making tweaks from that. Partly it’s just us revamping a few other things about the place.

We’ve retired the CGEEK brand largely because it didn’t quite personify what we’re trying to do which is two things.

  1. Create a place for people to come and discuss community, share practical tips etc…This is completely free. Anyone can sign up and post their thoughts. We might remove the more opinion-oriented ones at some point. We love CMX but don’t want to create a ‘me too’ site there. I think practical advice is our area.

  2. Create a place solely focused on growing a community and overcoming the obstacles that stop our communities from coming there. This is the paid site. This is where you get access to the training, all the resources for free etc…the focus in the paid area is very much upon ‘how do we get more members and activity in our communities’. We want to pack as much value into that as we possibly can.

Does that make sense?

(Bas van Leeuwen) #4

Thanks @richard_millington and @HAWK, much clearer!

@richard_millington, the move is very understandable, I think it’s a lofty goal to try and keep it opinion free. I’m not sure about the divide, guess we’ll have to see how that works out.

@HAWK the growth club, I’ll have to get used to that to be honest :smile:

(Sarah Hawk) #5

I think we all will. I like it, but it’s quite a big change. I also can’t take credit for it, as it was Rich’s idea.

(Richard Millington) #6

Should’ve seen the reaction to ‘CommunityGeek’ :slight_smile:

(Gear Buzz) #7

Growth surgery?

(Gear Buzz) #8

Ingrown communities?

(Sarah Hawk) #9

You’re on fire today @julesstanden!