What community would you suggest for a company with B2B sales?

Hi everyone.

Our company develops Augmented Reality Solutions for enterprises which seek to improve the safety and work efficiency. For instance, we allow on-site workers with Smart glasses to connect with experts if they face an issue. The experts can talk with them, draw arrows to guide the on-site workers where to look exactly which will appear on their glasses.

We target B2B sales domestically but are seeking to expand into overseas market and we thought it would be wise to start a community. We narrowed down to Reddit, Khoros or Canny.
Can anyone here might have a recommendation from one of above communities or any other community is also fine too.

Please have a look at our website www.virnect.com for more detailed info.
Any share of ideas and insight would be helpful!


Hi @virnect,

If I’m completely honest, this post doesn’t feel like it followed a logical thought process. It might be way Discourse flagged it as spam :slight_smile: . A few thoughts here.

  1. Communities aren’t great tools for expanding into a new market. You’re asking people who don’t purchase your product to join a community about it. Why would they do that?

  2. The three platforms you’re talking about are ENTIRELY different. If you’ve narrowed the list down you should have three within the same category to choose between. If you create a subreddit you won’t have much control. Canny is a user feedback tool. And Khoros is more of a customer support tool.

In short, I think I would go back to the drawing board on the strategy for this one. I’m not sure it’s as clearly thought out as it should be.



Hello Richard.

Thank you for the feedback, I am sorry if my post sounded like a spam.
I will delete the post in few days, all I needed was some advice and it is well received from you.
I think what we are looking for is a community for customer support, which seems Khoros is a match.
When the community is built, we will contact FeverBee for consulation, which I believe is what your company does.


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Hi Jin,

Khoros is a good option - but it’s not a cheap option :slight_smile:

It really depends on your budget.