What community tools / features do you consider most essential for driving engagement, and why?


(Jen Thoroughgood) #21

Thanks Joel. This is helpful feedback. We certainly find our ‘knowledge network’ concept one that is a little tricky to communicate at times! Zapnito can certainly support communities in which everyone is an expert, or helped to become one, with the priority being quality over quantity of interaction (which is one of the reasons we support long-form ‘published’ content as well as discussion. (We also have a dedicated Q&A feature.) Totally agree on the need for analytics. We have in-built real-time reports and also provide an included licence to GoSquared real-time analytics (which can be used for highly targeted customer communications, too). I’d be more than happy to give you a demo if you are curious and to get a better understanding of why what you are using now is not ideal. No pressure at all. (I am not a salesperson :-).) Best wishes, Jen