What can you offer this community?


(Matt Mecham) #63

Outside of communities, I enjoy video editing using Final Cut Pro (I’m the editor of my sons YouTube channel), I also like Photoshopping things for fun, creative writing and a bit of LinkedIn management.

(Natasha Angeline) #64

I’d like to think I am a Community - Project Manager hybrid, and that makes me a good Program Manager. In my current role, they pushed me a bit further as I am also a Video Editor, Visual Designer, Event Manager and Strategist!
It’s important to have 2-3 focussed skills and a little bit of everything else just in case.

Another thing is - as most people nowadays are bilingual, I think it’s good to learn the 3rd language! I can speak Bahasa Indonesia, English and am currently learning Mandarin basics.

(James Hillstrand) #65

You guys are so awesome. Pretty sure more experts would share their expertise here. I’ve been sharing some of the useful info around here to some online friends and they like it so far.