What can you offer this community?

Outside of communities, I enjoy video editing using Final Cut Pro (I’m the editor of my sons YouTube channel), I also like Photoshopping things for fun, creative writing and a bit of LinkedIn management.


I’d like to think I am a Community - Project Manager hybrid, and that makes me a good Program Manager. In my current role, they pushed me a bit further as I am also a Video Editor, Visual Designer, Event Manager and Strategist!
It’s important to have 2-3 focussed skills and a little bit of everything else just in case.

Another thing is - as most people nowadays are bilingual, I think it’s good to learn the 3rd language! I can speak Bahasa Indonesia, English and am currently learning Mandarin basics.


We’ve never really done too much with video. Have been increasingly tempted to for a while now. Just need to figure out the best approach to it.

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Wow, that’s a lot of roles for one person. :sweat_smile:

Would love to know more about the community that you’re managing in India?


I have been working on several new things actually!

  1. helping my friend promote her new safety book, started as helping a member now we have joined forces to help each other. Kind of cool!
  2. Started to go to Toastmasters, to work on public speaking skills more, push them to the next level. Here they give you feedback and evealutions on style, flow etc.
  3. Have started a new personal blog www.take3network.com
  4. Started my podcast - kept saying I will get to it. Decided to just do it! Like Nike says…
  5. I have started doing motivational weekend LinkedIn messages, it started more to get myself going and motivated to look for new opportunies, however it turns out others seem to be enjoying the posts also :slight_smile: It’s called #Ibelieveinme
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Hi Tamara, there are quite a lot of useful things that you’ve mentioned. Starting your blog and a podcast is great if you’ve been into getting some exposure. Hustling is the right thing to do here if you wish to contribute to any community.

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Wow, such a great community over here! :star_struck:

I would say that other than Community Management, I am experienced in Customer Services, both online and offline, B2B and B2C, and just started not a while ago with Digital Marketing and Branding, especially for SaaS and e-commerce startups.

I would also consider my knowledge and skills in the blockchain industry as a specific skill I have as crypto and blockchain is a completely different world from a “normal” business world :joy:

Taking it all in overall, communication is the skill I’ve developed the most throughout the life and work, as well as other soft skills, even though I have a technical education in Aerospace Engineering :see_no_evil:

Out of work, I have skills in “intuitive traveling”, Digital Nomadding, I am into healthy food (both cooking and eating), personal self-development, photography, yoga and Crossfit :tipping_hand_woman:


I’m an artist first, but my job is running a community for an art education site. In the past few years my skill growth has mostly been focused on art, because a big part of my job is leading and helping other artists gain their own drawing skills. I went to a music school for business management, and my focus was audio engineering. I’ve worked as a manager in retail, I know how to play a few instruments, I’ve trained horses… And I’m trying to sharpen my skills as a community manager. I think that sums it up.

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