What can you offer this community?


(Tatiana Bonneau) #41

Hello people

Not sure whether to list skills based on proficiency or % of my time those are taking nowadays but here it goes

  • marketing specialist
  • project manager
  • client manager
  • programmer
  • designer (only if really, I mean really there isn’t one around!)
  • translator (English, Russian, Bulgarian anything between those 3)
  • kids (what? I have 4, that sure must count as a skill!)

So anyone wanting any advice on those areas, I’d be happy to help

(Annebeth Lasseur) #42

Great question, and thanks for pushing me into participating more :slight_smile: It’s been a bit hectic. So what am I working on and what is my background?

Just some key words: intercultural and international communications, copywriting, translation studies, social media. I’ve applied my knowledge and experience in these fields to a wide variety of topics / businesses, some of them still have my interest (engineering, geology, infrastructure, IT). Being trained as a linguist, I am somewhat of a language geek, always easily distracted by etymology, language acquisition and puns :wink: I speak 3 to 5 languages (depending on your definition of fluency).

And then there is music. Of course. Always a song in my head. I used to play several instruments (mainly trombone, saxophone) and my first (great!) community experiences were in a Tom Waits fan community. Other key ingredients: Beatles, spotify surprises, radio.

(Annebeth Lasseur) #43

And yes, definitely, I’m always happy to share and help anyone who cares to ask!

(Ayanda Khuzwayo) #44

Hi @richard_millington
Iv got tremendous ability and experience in writing/Blogging. I have studied BA Journalism at the University of Johannesburg and I feel if there is one thing i could be very useful at is writing/Blogging. I do however have aspirations in gaining more knowledge and skills in Marketing and Brand Communications.

(Melissa Spinella) #45

As for special skills, I think the one that has been most useful for me since transitioning to Community Management in Oct 2016, has been the fact that I am a strong empath. I am always striving to see all sides of the story or an issue to come to a resolution that can make everyone involved happy (or at least satisfied!). Has come in very handy when dealing with upset community members!

(Josh Mirush) #47

I’m an economist and I can also play sax

(Mags Kus) #48

Lots of talented people here!

I am strong in 1:1 marketing, CRM, customer segmentation, personas, Loyalty, nurturing , engagement, retention, win back, building CRM marketing campaigns - entire repurchase funnel.

(Day Keller) #49

Well, with so many talented people, I’m not sure I can offer much more. I was a webdesigner at some point in my career, so very proficient with Photoshop and Illustrator. I now work for a video based education company so I have some knowledge on video production and instructional design. I’m also a fitness rat and about to get a license as a personal trainer, so if that’s useful to anyone, happy to help :slight_smile:

(Anna Keenan) #50

I can strategize and run really effective advocacy/issue campaigns that require public opinion shifts to win specific policy changes, or to get progressive candidates elected. :slight_smile:
I also stiltwalk.

(Piper_Wilson) #51

SQUWEE! Pics or it didn’t happen!

(Anna Keenan) #52

That’s me on the left in the green. You can’t see it but I’ve got stegosaurus spines all down my back. :slight_smile:

And that’s my 10 year old niece on shorter stilts in the middle. :slight_smile:

(Anna Keenan) #53

(Piper_Wilson) #54

Love it!

(Paul Mosca) #55

I have the ability for making connections between the small details and the big picture. This skill is most often on display during strategic planning sessions, ideation and identifying the small details needed to make execution possible.

I’m also a grunt that can fill in the critical details. Here’s an example, when we conceptualized an underwriting monetization strategy I identified coupling the audience size with the announcement pricing.

How would you name these skills?

(Nick Sandberg) #56

Hey there, @richard_millington! Great question!

My background is in social work and teaching. 10 years of practical experience combined with 6 years of instructor experience. About 6 years ago I began to split my time between working with individuals with (dis)Abilities to working with plants. Yes, _those_plants. I became the Master Grower for a legal local medical marijuana cultivation facility. I managed the facility for about three years and gained innumerable amounts of grow/cannabis industry knowledge.

I made a foray into e commerce with growershouse.com a few years back and began selling the hardware that the cultivation industry uses. In May, I was hired as the CM for Growers Network. This has all been a very new experience for me. Between learning many new software platforms and hosting a never-ending digital party, giving interviews, managing our growing staff all while managing my own cultivation facilities, life has become a bit hectic.

It’s cool to see other peoples’ experiences and backgrounds and how they got here. I am very grateful to be here and learning more about how to be a more effective CM. Thanks everyone!