What can you offer this community?


(Tatiana Bonneau) #41

Hello people

Not sure whether to list skills based on proficiency or % of my time those are taking nowadays but here it goes

  • marketing specialist
  • project manager
  • client manager
  • programmer
  • designer (only if really, I mean really there isn’t one around!)
  • translator (English, Russian, Bulgarian anything between those 3)
  • kids (what? I have 4, that sure must count as a skill!)

So anyone wanting any advice on those areas, I’d be happy to help

(Annebeth Lasseur) #42

Great question, and thanks for pushing me into participating more :slight_smile: It’s been a bit hectic. So what am I working on and what is my background?

Just some key words: intercultural and international communications, copywriting, translation studies, social media. I’ve applied my knowledge and experience in these fields to a wide variety of topics / businesses, some of them still have my interest (engineering, geology, infrastructure, IT). Being trained as a linguist, I am somewhat of a language geek, always easily distracted by etymology, language acquisition and puns :wink: I speak 3 to 5 languages (depending on your definition of fluency).

And then there is music. Of course. Always a song in my head. I used to play several instruments (mainly trombone, saxophone) and my first (great!) community experiences were in a Tom Waits fan community. Other key ingredients: Beatles, spotify surprises, radio.

(Annebeth Lasseur) #43

And yes, definitely, I’m always happy to share and help anyone who cares to ask!

(Ayanda Khuzwayo) #44

Hi @richard_millington
Iv got tremendous ability and experience in writing/Blogging. I have studied BA Journalism at the University of Johannesburg and I feel if there is one thing i could be very useful at is writing/Blogging. I do however have aspirations in gaining more knowledge and skills in Marketing and Brand Communications.

(Melissa Spinella) #45

As for special skills, I think the one that has been most useful for me since transitioning to Community Management in Oct 2016, has been the fact that I am a strong empath. I am always striving to see all sides of the story or an issue to come to a resolution that can make everyone involved happy (or at least satisfied!). Has come in very handy when dealing with upset community members!

(Josh Mirush) #47

I’m an economist and I can also play sax

(Mags Kus) #48

Lots of talented people here!

I am strong in 1:1 marketing, CRM, customer segmentation, personas, Loyalty, nurturing , engagement, retention, win back, building CRM marketing campaigns - entire repurchase funnel.