What can you offer this community?


(Todd Nilson) #21

I’d love to see some of your costume work, @madtownjessie!

(Jessie Schutz) #22

You asked for it! :smiley:

I made this for a friend’s Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume.

Elizabethan comfort gown with attifet (that’s the hat):

A pirate rig I threw together for a Pirates vs Ninjas party a while back:

My Scottish working class rig. By far the most comfortable of my garb.

(Sarah Hawk) #23

Those are amazing!

(Richard Millington) #24

Well that escalated quickly…

(Sarah Hawk) #25

Now I think @Todd_Nilson should post a video of himself tap dancing.

(Richard Millington) #26

one of our clients has a video of that actually…him and darren doing a dance i think.

Waiting for him to become president first.

(Shreyas) #27

I love this topic! Helps us get to know each other so much.

I love to dance. Mostly to Bollywood music. Indian movies are filled with lot of emotions and actors dancing in the rain :wink:
Apart from that, I’m hoping to learn how to play the ukulele or chenda this year.

(Colleen Young) #28

I’ll join the band and any wine or craft beer drinking.
Here’s my pot pourri to add to the mix. I’m a professionally trained musician, French horn and played in the opera pits and concert stages around Europe and Canada. I lived and played in Germany for a decade. My German home was Koeln. I speak English, French and German. I also worked as a tour guide in Europe and North America and was able to combine my love of language, culture and history. Now I pay for my own travel :wink:

(Todd Nilson) #29

Really beautiful work!

(Todd Nilson) #30

I would rather be staked to an anthill in the desert…

(Kathleen Ulrich) #31

I apologize if I missed it, but I don’t think anyone has mentioned one of my skills. I’m a comedian - for friends and family now, but I used to perform improv and stand-up. I was set for a pretty big break at a nightclub, but I became pregnant with my first child and got morning sickness that occurred at all hours.The nightclub was not a good place for me or my unborn child. - so I quit “the life” for my kid, but karma rocks - it can be pretty embarrassing life for a kid whose mom thinks she is funny. (I also was a cheerleader for a professional basketball team - that’s another story and not as cool as it sounds.)

(Sarah Hawk) #32

Ha! I love this.

(Katherine Mancuso) #33

Hmm, here are some . . .

Karaoke (and singing in general). Photography (currently going back to school to get better at this one). Google Analytics (I have the official qualification). Project Management (pursuing CAPM certification at the moment). Accessibility (this is a previous career life).

Really loving reading everyone else’s!

(Shreyas) #34

Whaaat! That is so cool.

(Alessio Fattorini) #35

Uhm… I collected some interesting skills under my belt in the last period :slight_smile:
I’m a Linux sysadmin, so I have a strong technical background in system administration and customer support
I earned some experience in project management since I lead a product based community :slight_smile:
Recently I did a lot of talks about community management and open source communities, in Italy and not only. So I am learning some good tricks about public speaking.
That’s all for now, I think.

(Rachael Silvano) #36

This is a fantastic question, and I loved reading the responses.

Mine are: baking- I worked in a bakery for years and it is a direct expression of my love.

Finding the exact time I left a youtube video. May not seem like a skill, but it is. Trust me.

(Sarah Hawk) #37

Ha! How do you utilise this amazing skill?

(Rachael Silvano) #38

Start watching a movie trailer and then need to move to mobile? BAM! You’re right in the action without skipping a beat.

Get half way through a new informative video about if we can hear the difference between hot and cold water and your computer runs out of battery? No prob, bob, pick up at the exact moment where we find out.

Looking up bloopers from Seasons 1-3 of Arrested Development and then your mom calls, in between which your cat lies down on your keyboard exiting your browser? Fear not. Rachael has got you covered.

These are but a few of the myriad times that my Youtube Power has been used for good.

If you weren't a CM what would you be?
(Robyn Jordan) #39

Just found this thread, I would say my side skills are media production, I’m a podcaster and have done some panels and speaking at comic conventions. My dream would be to manage community for an entertainment property (Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pottermore) and do more video production, hosting work.

(Graham Perrin) #40

Skilled and semi-skilled in various technical areas.

The Internet is a surprising thing. This month I discovered that I’m in the top three percent overall at Ask Different, which tickles me because: (a) I have no idea when I got there (was I ever higher? I’m the opposite of a rep whore) and (b) I began switching away from Apple products (ceased spending significant time at Ask Different) around three years ago :-? so maybe I’ll remain in a top something-or-other long after I pop my clogs :-)


The Internet is a surprising, ticklish thing. Today I discovered that the Honky Tinkers have a presence. I played keyboards, quite badly, in the band’s early days. I like to think that they became “one of the hottest live acts” in the area only after they were freed from the sounds created by my chipolata fingers :slight_smile: … I have a vague recollection of one or two gigs, many rehearsals, and when I left the band: I had to pay a passing schoolchild £1 – no more (I was that hard-up) – to help me carry the keyboard (portable but obscenely heavy – Fender Rhodes or Hohner Clavinet?) – from the rehearsal studio to the nearest bus stop. Southend-on-Sea, Essex, 1980s. £1. Rock … and … roll.

Fast forward from Essex to East Sussex. I was a founding member of City of Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus (CBGMC), left after a couple of years or so. For the me the highlight was probably a 2006 performance, The Cuckoo Sings.

Before I got hooked on the Internet, I had time for more practical technical stuff. Working on a 1960s Hillman Super Minx was good fun. Enough space under the bonnet for me to have my legs inside the engine compartment whilst sat on the front nearside wing, changing the head gasket.

What does your profile look like?